How to have a productive day, not a busy one

March 28, 2001 One Sunday afternoon a man and his wife were taking a drive in the country and after about an hour she said, "You know, I think we're lost." He said, "Yeah, but aren't we making good time?"

Single custodial dads count

March 27, 2001 I took my four-year-old nephew to McDonald's recently for supper, and as I was waiting to get our dinner, I went over to the soft drink machine.

Why would someone shoot writer’s pet?

March 27, 2001 On Sunday, March 11, about noon, I let my dog Charlie off his chain to get some exercise. I thought he would be safe because there is very little traffic at that time.

Choice over nature, nurture

March 23, 2001 Two very different novels I've taught in the last few weeks support my contention that our culture is just flat out wrong when it asks us to ponder only two alternatives as we consider human identi