Give them a hand

May 3, 2001 My dad enjoyed telling the story of how put out I was after I got home from my first day of first grade.

What difference a dollar?

May 2, 2001 What I am about to write may provide food for thought, or it may cause some folks to break out the old pillows and melting vat to prepare a "tar and feathers" treatment for this humble soul.

Language choice says more than just words

May 2, 2001 There is a well known principle that says, "If you wish to achieve success, all you have to do is find a need and fill it." However, other than basic needs, most of our opportunities will be based

Background could be key to Beebe’s future

May 1, 2001 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - When state Sen. Mike Beebe announces plans for his political future, by the first of June, chances are the Democrat from Searcy will say he's running for governor, the U.S.

Delusion, denial lead to modification of diet

April 30, 2001 Anyone who admits to middle age only reluctantly (and even then, defensively) can be expected to miss an annual physical. Or two. Or three. Delusion and denial, hello.