A doctor’s heritage, career

July 23, 2001 When news of a promising development in an implantable artificial heart project on going in Kentucky broke a few days ago, very little information seemed to be available locally despite the familia

Memories of early releases gone bad

July 23, 2001 When Wayne DuMond was arrested this month for the murder of a Kansas City woman, Bobby Roberts remembered the night - morning, actually - that Bill Clinton called him at home.

Wonders of simply speaking

July 20, 2001 Just say no. The just say know. Yo no se. No say know. Now say no. Now just say know. Now joust say no. Know to sew. Knew to joust. Joust sew know. zip

Watch out for brain fever

July 19, 2001 My family has been hosting a French student this summer, by an arrangement made on the faint hope that we speak a version of English and that she might pick up some of that particular language by s

Defensive driving in Batesville

July 18, 2001 We are not likely to see a 50- to 75-mile traffic backup here in Batesville such as I have experienced on Interstate 95 between Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C.