Happy 4th of July

June 29, 2010 Take a moment this Sunday on the Fourth of July as we’re gathered around picnic tables, pool sides, at the beach or in a town square or city park to say a little something about what you’re grateful for about America.Put down the hotdog and the sparkler and really give it a little thought.We have all come through so much together in recent years and it hasn’t given us much time to reflect about anything. If you were laid off from a job it’s probably even been a little harder to come up with much to feel good about but it’s there and it’s worth remembering.

What’s old is new

June 28, 2010 If you thought nail polish like black, green, yellow and the like were new — you and I were both wrong. The first time I saw someone wearing yellow nail polish on their fingers last year I couldn’t believe it and until the lady proceeded to tell me it was the “new red,” I still couldn’t believe it. Sure the woman worked at a prominent makeup store, but she also looked like she had taken a yellow highlighter to her nails, and in my opinion, it failed to suit her pale skin and blond locks. Then again, I probably wouldn’t care for bright yellow nail polish on anyone.

What makes a great friend?

June 28, 2010 What makes someone a great friend?Is it being supportive and accepting you just the way you are?Or is it someone who has the guts to kick you in the tail and demand that you do better?I had an abysmal book signing several years ago that gave me a different perspective on what it really means to be a friend.

Vampire nation

June 28, 2010 Taking a breather from our Gulf Coast miasma in order to focus on an even ghastlier blight of cultural crude washing up on American shores. No, this is not about Lady Gaga. Although, I do intend to address walking parasites. Demon fiends. Bloodsucking vermin. The Ushers at the Gates of Hell themselves, of which we are experiencing a veritable glut, and I’m here to say that my soul is so weary of vampires. Bleh.

Role of a free press

June 25, 2010 The real value of a free press in American life is being demonstrated dramatically these days, from the Gulf of Mexico to Afghanistan and Washington, D.C.As the Gulf oil spill — with its political turmoil and environmental impact — continues to spread, there are disputes over how much oil has leaked, whether the cleanup is working, where sea-borne slicks are headed, and how much damage the spill is doing.

Soccer too dull for America

June 25, 2010 A good showing in the World Cup by the United States will not launch soccer as a major sport in the United States anymore than the 1980s “Miracle On Ice” Olympic hockey gold medal made ice hockey mainstream. If the American team gets out of the first round, it will increase interest in the World Cup, but that will not lead to all that many people becoming Major League Soccer fans.

Back on the farm

June 24, 2010 About this time last year I wrote about the ways children entertained themselves growing up in rural areas without television and electrical gizmos like cell phones.My tales of the things we did to amuse ourselves down on the farm involved some dangerous practices that I would not recommend — including some that I hardly dare repeat.Readers responded positively and even offered some of the ways they entertained themselves in yesteryear, but now that I need those suggestions and memories I don’t know where I’ve put them. So, please send ’em again.

Teacher still has input

June 24, 2010 I wanted that dress.From the minute I walked in the department store and saw it, I knew it had my name written all over it. As I yanked it off the rack and headed toward the dressing room something about the neckline caught my eye and upon further inspection I realized the price tag didn’t reflect the quality of the dress. And, while it appeared to be the perfect designer dress, I knew that I wasn’t going to buy it because of Rose Marie Willis.


June 23, 2010 Allow me to clarify, I’m not a fan of the gruesome gorging on human flesh, nor the glamorously gory zombie kills, but rather for the actual involvement of the human element.I’m confounded and amazed at the petty selfishness and infighting that derail the survivor’s focus. I mean, these folks are facing death by devouring at the hands of cunningly, cannibalistic zombies. Why don’t they actually deal with their problem by coming together and face down the zombie hordes?

Watch your kids

June 23, 2010 Dear Editor:Yeah, to Bethesda Day Parade. Each year it gets better. Lots of candies for the kids and the grown-ups.To certain people who parked at the corner of Bethesda Lane and Hayfield, who did not keep an eye on certain kids. They were playing in the grass at the corner yard, which is what grass is for, to play on. What is not nice is that someone climbed on my flower tree and broke four big branches. The tree is surrounded by a small fence. The fence was also pushed down.