Care needed

September 17, 2010 Dear editor:I am writing to you today in regards to the lack of community concern or knowledge in regards to children being ripped from their homes and needing to be placed into the foster care system.I am a former Division of Children and Family Services worker and have personally seen the lack of foster homes in our communities. I have had to remove children from their families for various reasons just to come back to the office and find that there are no local foster homes to place the children.

Message to unlikely voters

September 17, 2010 When Barack Obama was a state legislator in Illinois he occasionally used the tactic of voting “present” on certain bills because the measures, as written, were flawed and the goal was to get them improved before passage. It worked as a legislative maneuver but was misrepresented years later by political opponents who claimed it was a sign of wishy-washiness.

He’s just a president

September 16, 2010 Disillusionment implies at some point you were illusioned. You believed something that turned out not to be true.I watched a documentary where young people in the early ’90s thought their music was “alternative,” and then they were disillusioned when grunge became mainstream. “It’s like, what can you believe in anymore, man.”The point is: disillusionment means you’ve had a fall from grace but it was mostly your fault for believing a falsehood in the first place.

Hand-held church fans, etc.

September 16, 2010 10 MILES WEST OF CAVE CITY — I am actually not 10 miles west of Cave City as I write this. But, my mind is there, in a little country church where I sometimes went to Sunday school when I was 4 and 5 years old.The kids’ Sunday school class was in a back corner of the one-room church. We had little Sunday school cards with pictures of Jesus and lambs and other Bible scenes on them, along with a memory verse on the back of each.

I am my brother’s keeper

September 16, 2010 While national news reverberates with stories of real racially charged incidents, as well as baseless accusations of racism, my neighbors and I recently witnessed an amazing story that would disarm those wars if enough people took notice.

We can fix what ails us

September 15, 2010 Sure, the economy is a mess and the future isn’t looking so hot. But we’ve had big problems before — we’ve solved them before.Take polio.According to the book “SuperFreakonomics,” it would be hard to invent a more frightening illness. Polio struck children. Nobody knew how it was contracted. There was no prevention or cure. And it hit hard every summer.My Aunt Cece contracted polio in the summer of 1951, just as she was starting the eighth grade.

Impact felt by others

September 15, 2010 What happens if your best friend’s sister gets divorced? Or your officemate’s boyfriend quits smoking? Or your neighbor’s husband loses his job?Does it have any impact on you?The answer is probably yes. When someone who is one person removed from your inner circle experiences a decline or improvement in their wellbeing, it can have a direct impact on you.

Daytime TV a sad wasteland

September 15, 2010 While Lady Gaga’s insufferable “Let’s Dance” played, Ellen Degeneres made her way to the stage “dancing” in the semi-awkward style she has made famous. Not merely a quick intro bit before her show begins, this went on for multiple minutes and the audience screamed with delight.

Mistake noted

September 14, 2010 Recently I wrote a column about tolerance toward those of different beliefs whether it’s at Ground Zero in New York City or in our own hometowns. In the column I also made the statement that we didn’t deport Germans during WWII. Thanks to two readers, Art Jacobs in Tempe, AZ and Eberhard Fuhr in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, who were both interred in the 1940s I now realize I made a mistake.

College book report

September 14, 2010 Just as parents try to get over the shock of this year’s college tuition rates, the bills start piling up for peripherals – everything from desk lamps to laundry. So here’s a question regarding one of higher education’s most exorbitant non-tuition items: Why does a collegiate paperback such as “Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life” cost $133.95?