Don’t call it news

November 17, 2010 Imagine an entire 24-hour cable news network devoted to political causes. Many of their employees are future and former candidates for president, giving them a national platform to reach potential voters. Entire “movements” of political discourse are not only showcased — they’re even started on this news channel. Fundraising, the toughest part of running for political office, is made easier, streamlined by the on-air hosts of the news channel telling viewers to donate money to certain candidates. World events shaping our culture are put into perspective by the personalities.

Low-tone security

November 17, 2010 I don’t have access to any terrorist handbooks, but I imagine that having succeeded beyond expectations in the chapters dealing with “how to disrupt,” those who would threaten air travel have moved on to sections covering “ways to divide.” And the beauty, from the terrorists’ point of view, is that it’s all working without the need for much actual terrorism.When formal nationwide protests are organized against airport body scans, when passengers revolt against TSA pat-downs, when the Homeland Security chief must issue pleas for patience, the nation is definitely divided.

Upset with school

November 16, 2010 Citizens of Batesville, why didn’t the school system and board members just hang the man?Richard O’Neal has, as long as I have worked for the Batesville Schools, only done good for the school. I have been in business for 21 years, and he has always done all he can to help the school system.I’ll bet that over half of the board members, teachers and staff have borrowed items from the school for their own personal use at one time or another. If they say they haven’t, they are liars.

Thankful for doctor

November 16, 2010 This applies to all Americans. I agree medical bills are high. However, this did not happen overnight.In 1967 my son damaged his knee bad playing baseball. I was in the military and could not afford to take time to drive to the air base. No emergency room in Batesville. I called Dr. Wesley Ketz, and he said meet him in his office in 10 minutes.He sewed up his wound, protecting lubricants from leaking. He charged $11.

Grateful for little things

November 16, 2010 Four years ago today my youngest grandson made an entrance into the world and while he only weighed in at just over a whopping 3 pounds, it was a monumental occasion.The other three grandchildren were just as remarkable, but a lot less dramatic.When I look back at how small he was, surrounded by many more just like him fighting to survive, I have never forgotten how much love and care it took to get him here.And he is such a joy, although a tad bit independent.

Think change

November 16, 2010 Can a single thought change your life?It’s certainly a good place to start.When we’re not aware of our own internal thoughts, we tend to believe that our actions are in response to our circumstances.But that’s not the way it really works.

Ugly truth

November 16, 2010 There’s something ugly going on in Washington, D.C.Travel + Leisure magazine asked travelers to rank 35 American cities in a variety of categories, including which has the most attractive residents.Washingtonians were ranked the sixth least attractive.I think, borrowing from Jay Leno, I know why: “Politics is show business for ugly people.”You see, out in “flyover country,” people actually care about ideas and results and the direction our country is heading.

Reader makes writer’s day

November 15, 2010 I couldn’t help but feel as though I had written it when I opened the e-mail from a woman named Amanda Russell who sent me an article she had written and thought I might be able to use.“I feel so lost, out of place in this world. A world where you can share every thought in your mind with millions. Unimportant thoughts. Even as this thought leaves my mind and becomes this writing I wonder, does this thought matter?” Russell wrote.

Think small

November 15, 2010 Back in the 1970s, during his first term as governor Jerry Brown said “small is beautiful,” one of a number of observations about California politics and lifestyle that earned him the nickname “Moonbeam.”Four decades have passed since Brown made his prescient comment. During those 40 years, in the most improbable of scenarios, Brown is again California’s governor-elect.The one word Brown won’t be using to describe California’s myriad challenges is “small.”

Grocery tax cut proposed

November 12, 2010 LITTLE ROCK — The governor presented next year’s budget for state government and the highlight was his proposal to further reduce the sales tax on groceries by half a cent.Since 2007, the Legislature has approved the governor’s requests to gradually remove the state sales tax on food. It is now at 2 percent and would drop to 1.5 percent if the Legislature agrees to the governor’s proposal.