Winter of discontent

February 16, 2011 So long, winter. Buhbbye now! Don’t let the screen door hit you. What in the wide-wide world of sports was that all about? Twenty below ... in Arkansas? Two feet of snow? Are you kidding me?

First date

February 15, 2011 I grew up in the middle of nowhere, with the closest neighbor being almost a mile away in one direction and 100 miles in the other. We lived on the edge of the desert with sagebrush, cactus, and coyotes stretching for miles.My day consisted of milking cows night and morning, as well as chores like moving cattle from one pasture to another, hauling hay, and changing pipe. The air was sweet and clean and the sky was clear and blue. I usually worked long hours, and I worked alone.

Skunked again!

February 15, 2011 It’s breeding season for skunks!How do I know this? Because my dogs made sure I knew!Saturday morning, while Gary was off to work at a dismal 4:30 a.m., I was sound asleep in bed, at least for another hour and a half. Then — in my sleep and through a bedroom wall, mind you — I smelled the putrid odor that can stir anger as quickly as disgust.

State update

February 14, 2011 LITTLE ROCK  — The Arkansas Financial Transparency Act, which mandates that state agency spending be posted on the Internet, has gained enough co-sponsors to guarantee its passage in the state Senate.Also known as the “open checkbook” bill, Senate Bill 221 was favorably recommended by the State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee and is scheduled for a vote by the entire Senate.

Cards not just for kids

February 14, 2011 One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day aside from the all the candy are the cards.In elementary school we’d decorate empty tissue boxes and on Valentine’s Day pass out cards to our classmates. It was always fun each year picking out a box of cards, signing the cards which came as tearsheets you had to separate and could put into the tiny envelopes that were included.I loved putting an effort into the activity and was so excited to get home and read the ones I received from classmates. (I never looked at mine during school, I’d wait until I was home.)

Shedding my David Cassidy hairstyle

February 11, 2011 First-wave baby boomers will begin turning 65 this year  — and they’re STILL imposing their ways on younger people, such as tail-end boomers like me.Though maybe I’m still upset about the David Cassidy haircut my sisters made me get in 1973.Like every teen girl then, my sisters were smitten with Cassidy. They exploited my chief insecurity to get me to cut my hair like his.“If you part your hair down the middle and feather it over the sides, you’ll be able to hide your big floppy ears,” they said.

Concerns with Egypt

February 11, 2011 Dear Editor:In January 2011, spurred by increasing food and oil prices as well as rampant corruption of the Muslim autocrats, millions of Egyptians gathered at Tahrir square in Alexandria in an uprising. Conservatives, irked by the inactions of the liberal president and secretary of state, have taken this as a sign that the democrats implicitly supports the Mubarak dictatorship. American leadership to democracy, the most promising of which includes personal intervention by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Cartoon is ‘propaganda’

February 11, 2011 The Guard never lets facts distract them and the February 9, 2011 Forum cartoon is no exception. It shows wall street and bank executive salaries increasing while everyone else lives in poverty.  This is pure propaganda.

Stop the roundups

February 11, 2011 Dear Editor,Congress is grappling with spending cuts, yet tens of millions of tax dollars are wasted on a relatively unknown Interior Department program that rounds up thousands of wild horses from the West every year.Now a recent Tube video shows a helicopter heartlessly stampeding an elder wild horse who collapses from exhaustion during a government roundup currently underway in Nevada.

God doesn’t make the cut

February 10, 2011 In the perennial post-game buzz about Super Bowl ads, the buff body of the new GoDaddy girl (aka Joan Rivers) was a big hit this year. So was the pugnacious pug dog flattening his owner to grab the Doritos. And, of course, who can forget the woman who got smacked in the head with a soft-drink can?