Concerns with Egypt

February 11, 2011 Dear Editor:In January 2011, spurred by increasing food and oil prices as well as rampant corruption of the Muslim autocrats, millions of Egyptians gathered at Tahrir square in Alexandria in an uprising. Conservatives, irked by the inactions of the liberal president and secretary of state, have taken this as a sign that the democrats implicitly supports the Mubarak dictatorship. American leadership to democracy, the most promising of which includes personal intervention by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Cartoon is ‘propaganda’

February 11, 2011 The Guard never lets facts distract them and the February 9, 2011 Forum cartoon is no exception. It shows wall street and bank executive salaries increasing while everyone else lives in poverty.  This is pure propaganda.

Stop the roundups

February 11, 2011 Dear Editor,Congress is grappling with spending cuts, yet tens of millions of tax dollars are wasted on a relatively unknown Interior Department program that rounds up thousands of wild horses from the West every year.Now a recent Tube video shows a helicopter heartlessly stampeding an elder wild horse who collapses from exhaustion during a government roundup currently underway in Nevada.

God doesn’t make the cut

February 10, 2011 In the perennial post-game buzz about Super Bowl ads, the buff body of the new GoDaddy girl (aka Joan Rivers) was a big hit this year. So was the pugnacious pug dog flattening his owner to grab the Doritos. And, of course, who can forget the woman who got smacked in the head with a soft-drink can?


February 10, 2011 I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in April of 2009. Looking back I believe that I had symptoms 15 years before I was diagnosed. I, like a lot of other people, just thought that it was part of the aging process. I didn’t believe that anything could be done for my problem. But actually I was not recognizing all of my symptoms. I just looked at my failure to remember things mostly. I was having other problems, also. That is what I want to write about.

Progress continues

February 9, 2011 Tonight it is my honor to be presenting to you the State of the City address. I take great pride in having served this wonderful community as your mayor for the last four years. Together, we have made much progress, but there is always work to be done in moving a community forward.

The undesired gift

February 9, 2011 We have a relative who seems to have made it her goal in life to make our lives miserable.  She has done this by purchasing toys that were created by some sadistic person who had a miserable childhood and has made a living creating toys whose sole purpose is to drive parents to the point of institutionalization.

I like winter

February 8, 2011 Most of my friends and family are complaining about the winter, so I guess I’m just a nut or something because I don’t mind the winter. I love the snow and ice on my trees and bushes — just not on the roads — and so far this winter, we’ve been lucky. Sure, school has let out a few days, but (knock on wood) I’ve made it into work each snowy morning with no real problems to speak of.

Now we know what ‘spoon with mushroom’ means

February 8, 2011 When Jean McCracken of Sidney sliced a persimmon seed in half longways in late fall to get the “persimmon seed” forecast, she found something she had never seen before.Folklore across much of the United States is that if the white embryonic matter inside the seed is shaped like a spoon, that means a lot of snow during the upcoming winter. Just think of the spoon as a snow shovel.If it’s shaped like a fork, that means to expect a mild winter.And a knife shape means bitter, icy winds that feel as if they are cutting through you like a knife.

‘Perch’ problem

February 7, 2011 To the Editor,There is a viral video of a chimp putting its finger in a hole only a health professional should. The chimp is so shocked at the aroma from the offending finger, he falls from his perch. It appears we have at least one city alderman on his perch given to proctology.