Shred it?

July 1, 2011 Dear Editor:On Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Time magazine editor Richard Stengel presented the cover of his July 4 issue, which features the Constitution going through a paper shredder and asks does the document still matter. According to Stengel, it does, but not as much anymore. (Apparently it does since Time is allowed by the Constitution to publish idiotic articles. Better yet, shred Time magazine.)

New kid in town

July 1, 2011 Hi there! I am Donetta, the newest member of the Batesville Daily Guard. I began work here on Monday and let me tell you it’s great to be back in the newspaper business. Everyone here has been so nice to me. I am pretty much a waste of space right now while I am learning how they do things here. It’s always hard starting a new job and I am so thankful to have finally found one after graduating college.

Don’t go ‘wobbly’

July 1, 2011 If the GOP is really serious about winning back the presidency they need to win the deficit debate. The government of these United States is broke — flat broke — and if the nation is to survive as the prosperous nation it has long been, Republicans must restore fiscal sanity and call a halt to spending money we don’t have!That’s what the Republicans promised us they would do last November, and largely on the strength of that pledge we let them take back the House. After all, it’s obvious that we can’t trust the Democrats to spend the public’s money wisely and well.

Still thankful

July 1, 2011 June has been a tough month. Even though my family has managed to stay out of the hospital (that should be plural), it seems like we have had more than our share of stress. As June moves into July there are still plenty of highlights to make it memorable and things to be thankful for. 1. Riding lawn mowers. Yep, I know it’s something we all take for granted, but I do recall in my early days when it involved a push mower. I can still see my mom working for hours only to finish and then start again. Memories are good, but a riding lawn mower is better.

Taxpayers should stop subsidizing

June 30, 2011 Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world. It boasts of having 1.2 million Americans on its payroll. Its reported annual profits are around $13 billion. So it’s safe to say since it is so big — and so ubiquitous — and so obviously successful — the government can now stop subsidizing it.

Good old neighbors

June 30, 2011 I drove through my old neighborhood a few weeks ago.It is like many suburban neighborhoods that sprouted up in the 1960s. Many of the people who moved there grew up in the city. All of them wanted big yards in which their kids could play. Many wanted to be near St. Germaine Catholic Church and its elementary school.We moved into our new house in 1964, when I was 2. It was a basic, square house — brick on the bottom, white siding on the top — designed for raising children.

The conspiracy of silence

June 29, 2011 When it comes to illegal immigration, President Obama’s policy is clear: If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.Rather than having a meaningful national discussion about how over-immigration costs American workers jobs, crowds schools, and strains local and state budgets, the White House offers nebulous, unsupported banalities like we are a nation of immigrants or immigration is the lifeblood of our economy.

Leading from behind

June 29, 2011 Just before my early morning run this morning, a young boy, 3-foot-nothing, wearing shorts and a helmet whizzed past me on his scooter, and then abruptly stopped and backed up — when he saw me stuff a 20 pound terrier into my backpack. As I threw the precious cargo over my shoulders, the little boy pushed his scooter into forward motion and offered his blatantly honest assessment (as kids often do) of the situation: “That’s weird.”

Dubbed as the other boyfriend

June 28, 2011 I was a senior in high school and was friends with a young lady named Lisa. I wouldn’t say we dated; we just enjoyed spending time together. Lisa appreciated the fact that I had access to a car and could drive us to school activities, and I enjoyed her fun-loving personality and her friendship.But Lisa was a very popular girl, and quite often, when I would arrive at her home to pick her up, I would find plans had changed and she had a date. That was really no problem. I was good friends with her family, so I would stay for a visit while she headed out for the night.

Looking into the future

June 28, 2011 When is Hollywood going to get futuristic movies right?Aug. 29, 1997 came and went with no Judgement Day. Thankfully Skynet didn’t blow up the world, and we humans are not in hiding, fighting Terminators.2009: Still no time travel as depicted in “Freejack.” Actually, Emilio Estevez has been noticeably absent as of late, so I wonder, instead of his Formula One car crashing in 1991, was there some other disaster in which his body was “freejacked” and stolen? Will we see him 20 years from now, running some tycoon’s company?