Prepare for Doomsday

October 14, 2011 I love the show “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” and when I found out they were in Mountain View last week and our reporter Larry Stroud had the opportunity to interview one of the cast members — I was so jealous.

Behind the scenes … every woman has a story

October 13, 2011 Extra, extra!Our 2011 Women in Business magazine is here and will be part of Thursday’s Batesville Daily Guard and we can’t wait for our readers to see the finished product. This year, we wanted our readers to really get to know these individuals on a more personal level and there are plenty of interesting women to read about.Here is a sneak peak.

The Christian — Mormon dispute: Are we barking up wrong tree?

October 13, 2011 As expected, the debate over whether Mormonism is a branch of Christianity has resurfaced in this the prelude to another presidential election year. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is once again the target of zealous Christians, bent on discrediting him for his out-of-the-mainstream faith as a member of the LDS Church.Perhaps a more pertinent discussion than the one over what constitutes Mormon ideology/theology is the one concerning what qualifies a person to lead the free world as president of the United States.

Media’s willfull deafness for protest

October 13, 2011 I’m told the best thing about having a hearing aid is being able to turn it off around boring or annoying people. When someone wants to ask you for money. When you’d just like some quiet. There’s a switch. You have the power to tune voices out.Which is exactly what the media have been doing to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.The demonstrators have said they want economic justice.And inevitably a talking head will wonder: “What do they want?”The demonstrators will say they want economic justice.

Yogi knew: It’s 90% mental

October 13, 2011 Lenny stormed into the locker room waving the regional newspaper. “Did you guys see the paper today?” He showed it to us, and we were shocked at what we read. In a letter to the editor, the coach of the football team we were to play that week said horrible things about us.

Pampered protesters should go home

October 12, 2011 The hordes of so-called “protesters” now polluting the streets of several U.S. cities, including New York, are sending confused messages about their grievances.

Fighting isn’t a bad thing

October 12, 2011 We tend to assume that arguments are bad. We’re wrong. The best ideas often come from arguing. Here are two examples:How fighting against a highway created a network of parks and bike trailsBack in the 1970s my mother led the fight against Route 66 in Arlington, Virginia. She and her fellow “Stop 66” team were resolute. The highway would slice through the middle of their community destroying the nature and limiting people’s bike access to the other side of town.

It’s my money … or is it?

October 11, 2011 Ah, October. Patio umbrellas down. Storm windows up. The turning of the leaves. The crisping of our ears. Playoff baseball. Halloween just a few weeks off. We’ll get back to the most bracing month of the year a bit later, but first a few words about the recent decision by major banks to charge customers five bucks a month to use ATM cards for routine purchases. And those few words are: “You greedy, stinking, ravenous, money-grubbing, avaricious pigs.”

If God played Madison Square Garden …

October 11, 2011 My Dad took me to my first concert when I was about 12- Ricky Nelson at the John Wayne Theatre, Knox Berry Farm, Buena Park, California.

Left to our imagination

October 11, 2011 It’s been said that each generation should (or tries to) do better than the one before it. For instance, our grandparents who grew up in the Great Depression tried to provide a better life for their Baby Boomers, who in turn did the same for their Generation X’ers, and so on.