Can we learn from the Penn State atrocity?

November 17, 2011 It is difficult to know how to even begin addressing the shocking controversy swirling around Penn State University and its storied football program. Yet because of the seriousness of the charges leveled against one of its former coaches — raping and molesting as many as eight boys, even in the football facility itself — and the extent of the likely cover-up that ensued, I must say something.

Why Occupy? Steerage is getting restless

November 17, 2011 Dirty hippies. Lazy losers. These phrases capture the essence of the conservative reaction to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests.To be sure, conservatives have raised some legitimate concerns about the protests — such as the presence and influence of anarchists or communists, and instances of boorish behavior that have sometimes crossed the line into criminality. It’s also easy to dismiss protesters who often can’t articulate precisely what they hope to achieve.

I was a victim of identity theft (and you could be, too)

November 16, 2011 I got hacked! Then I got hacked off.It sounds cliché (for a reason, I realize, but it still rings true) — you never think it will be you. Until one day it is.Someone in the United Kingdom apparently thought hijacking my debit card would be a good idea. Yes, I do a lot of online shopping and for the most part I just assume that my account numbers are safe. Then one day, they weren’t.I was shopping in Jonesboro one day when I went to pay for my armload of purchases. Card denied!

Advantages in a small community

November 16, 2011 Growing up in a small community has its advantages.Not only were we safe from whatever lurked outside our borders, but our parents could rest assured that if we were not under their watchful eye, someone else was looking out for us.It’s something most of my generation took for granted, until we were grown and gone and forced to see the world through something other than rose-colored glasses.My children and their friends enjoyed that same childhood magic with the freedom to roam throughout the neighborhood without fear of the big bad wolf.But change would come.

Church formation

November 16, 2011 The Anglican Church has a long history dating back to the first century in England. It can be said its Christian footprint formed the original Church of England in the first century.In today’s world of revisionist changes to worship and Holy Scripture we have become a society bent on a morality of self-destruction. There is now come a common need for a return to the orthodox and traditional Biblical beliefs of the early church and its mission and calling according to great commission of our Lord and Savior.

Sweat equity plays vital role in American Dream

November 15, 2011 It’s been getting to me, I must admit.Fifteen years ago, I bought my first house. I’d just started a freelance writing business and money was tight.An appraiser I knew told me about a fixer-upper in the country he had just assessed. He was confident I could get a good deal on it.Boy, was he right.See, the owner of the house, an elderly fellow, was a hoarder. The house was packed inside and out with junk -- unimaginable piles of it.I made an offer and, regrettably, it was accepted.

Give us this day our turkey … again

November 15, 2011 Thanksgiving is my kind of holiday. Apart from the “thanks” part, the primary purpose of this celebration is eating. That is the one thing I do quite well.Thanksgiving is the beginning of a feasting frenzy that would make Richard Simmons sweat to the goodies. Any thoughts of dieting at this time of the year are merely blowing in the wind. Hopefully, not in my direction.Our Pilgrim Fathers came up with the idea of a Thanksgiving feast. The Pilgrim Mothers were too busy doing the wash and caring for the children to think of any more work.

Another dog, but not now

November 14, 2011 I haven’t owned a dog in more than 11 years but in the last year I have become a dog watcher and house-sitter, an exclusive job I have come to enjoy and look forward to when asked. I have no way of owning another pet currently, so getting to dog-sit allows me the chance to interact with my favorite domestic animal but not have the responsibility of full ownership. Needless, to say, I love watching Gracie, a subdued, little lap dog, and Robinson, a much bigger, gentle, energetic lab-retriever mix (or what reminds me of the two breeds). They couldn’t be more different.

Continue dancing with the GOP

November 14, 2011 If you’ve been sending money to Herman Cain to prop up his troubled campaign, please send some to Rick Perry so he stays in the race. Consider it a favor to all of us who are hopelessly hooked on “Dancing with the Real Candidates of the GOP,” otherwise known as the 2012 Republican presidential debates.No network programmer could have invented a TV series with such pop.

Possible ‘invasion’ of Batesville!

November 11, 2011 Members of the Batesville Area Civil War Round Table were recently in Missouri. While there they received startling reports of yet another possible Union invasion of Batesville. While no date of the invasion has been confirmed, it could be exactly 150 years after the original invasion of Batesville.We do not wish to cause alarm in the community. These are only rumors. City officials have been contacted and we expect to hear from them in the near future.