The illusive art of catching up

October 25, 2011 Is it just me, or do others have trouble catching up? Just when it looks like I am almost caught up with some project or my to-do-list, something happens setting me back a few paces. One step forward, as they say and for me 17 steps backward. Or, so it seems.I don’t have any problem whatsoever catching a cold. I once even caught a fly in my mouth while preaching, and it is as easy as New York style cheesecake to catch the dickens from the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Catching up is another matter all together.

A family Halloween tradition

October 25, 2011 A weekend at my mom’s house with my sister and her kids, and all their animals (four dogs and a cat between them) is usually just one step from sheer bedlam. But it’s becoming a tradition around Halloween, matching the one we’ll have again a month later during Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

Celebs’ childhood Halloween antics

October 25, 2011 \My 7-year-old son Gideon has a year-round obsession with Halloween, and I sometimes wonder how that will manifest itself in adulthood.Of course, there’s also the flip side. How did today’s movers and shakers behave back in their younger days when they were MOVING apples in a tub and SHAKING plastic skeletons? My well-placed spies tell me this is how it went for the following celebrities:President Barack Obama: “Trick or ... hold on, waiting for the ol’ teleprompter to boot up ... TREAT!”

First ER visit, MRI

October 24, 2011 I still don’t know if never having an IV or blood drawn is a good or bad thing at 27 years old. More than a week ago I had my first experience with emergency rooms followed by a “cat scan” (after days of unusual head aches and pains) and then a MRI on my brain.I received an injection in my bloodstream for the contrast of the MRI. And while it stung a little more than a regular shot in the arm, it wasn’t what I would consider an IV.

Do your part to prevent drug abuse

October 24, 2011 Letter to the Editor,Arkansas is number one in prescription drug abuse among teens. According to the Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Survey, seven out of 10 teens say they obtain these narcotics from their own homes. In order to reduce ease of access to prescription drugs, we must dispose of unused pills in a manner that is safe for our environment. The Arkansas DEA is hosting a statewide “Takeback Day” this Saturday, October 29. Last year we collected over 4 tons of unused prescription pills, which the National Guard delivered to El Dorado for incineration.

America’s Animal Farm

October 24, 2011 I write this during what might well be the final 48 hours of our existence, as it seems the good Rev. Harold Camping has revised his earlier prediction of The End Of Times to Oct. 21. As his views would place him comfortably in front of a podium and in the mainstream of any of the every-hour-on-the-hour Republican presidential debates — I’m not entirely convinced he’s wrong about a coming apocalypse.

Catching up with the Batesville class of 1971

October 21, 2011 High school, I’m told, is a traumatic time for some people. For others, the glory days. For me, not so much of either — if only because, back then, I just didn’t pay much attention. My goal at the time was to simply survive the ride, get out as soon as possible, and then go on about the business of becoming a rock star. How hard could that be?

Are these parents crazy?

October 21, 2011 In his new book, “Suicide of a Superpower,” Pat Buchanan writes that the politics of race, culture and tribalism will be the largest problem civilization will face.This item on proves his point. Here’s where today’s politics of culture are leading this once-great nation.“A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy who wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty — so that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender.

Another year wiser

October 21, 2011 My birthday was Thursday and I have decided instead of saying, “I’m another year older” I will say, “I’m another year wiser.”I like where I am at in my life at 42. That’s right, 42 years of wisdom and life experience. I’m not embarrassed about it at all. I wish our society valued us older folks like other cultures do. I wish I could go back and tell the 12 year old me that everything works out just fine and that everyone feels that they are different and don’t fit in. I would love to tell her— her dream came true and she gets to do what she always wanted.

State parks capture spirit of Ozarks

October 20, 2011 Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series about museums in the Ozark Gateway Region.As in previous articles, our journey continues throughout the Ozark Gateway Region, this week focusing on the Jacksonport and Ozark Folk Center state parks. Each captures the spirit of the region with exhibits, activities and entertainment for the entire family, and annual events and celebrations. Jacksonport State Park