Iran is serious threat to U.S.

November 25, 2011 Until a couple of weeks ago, I considered Iran a nation run by a doofus president and kooky religious leaders and a threat only to Israel.But no more. The rogue nation of Iran, doofus and the kooks who run it make up a significant threat to the mighty United States of America.Tipped off by a friend, I started learning about High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse weapons. Delivered by a nuclear warhead to explode high over the intended target, the High Altitude Electronic Pulse knocks out all, or almost all, computer systems within a wide range below.

It may be time to opt out

November 23, 2011 “Let’s be real, Mom, when you die we probably won’t do this anymore.”Those profound words were recently uttered by my oldest in regards to holiday get-togethers.For a moment, I was sad.Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! After death, they have no plans to participate in this stressful event which means, we are only getting together to (1) feed the multitude and (2) bring additional anxiety to my life.

Precious gift of family at Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 Thanksgiving is one of the simplest American holidays. There are no expensive presents, no elaborate decorations and no divisions based on religion or political ties. There are actually very few expectations of any kind. Sure, my family always had to have rice, whipped potatoes and stuffing or there would be hurt feelings. That’s a lot of carbs at one table but those are still all easy requests to fulfill.

How will you mark the 4th Thursday?

November 23, 2011 How will you spend your Thanksgiving Day this year? Sleep in because you have extra days off? Settle down to watch football? Pull up a chair at 4 o’clock to eat a huge feast? Make plans for Black Friday, plotting with the multitudes to storm the stores and “shop-until-you-drop?”Why not consider another tradition? The tradition of the Pilgrims, honored nationally since the days of George Washington.

After holiday feasting comes the loafing

November 22, 2011 Twenty-four hours ago, I was seated with my family and friends around the Thanksgiving table. Now, I am seated in my chair and cannot move. Why is it on Thanksgiving we give ourselves permission to gorge ourselves to the point of semi-consciousness?

Turkey Holocaust Day 2011

November 22, 2011 Let me be among the first 40-foot, helium-filled balloons to kick-start our national parade of giving thanks. That’s right, we’re just about to butt heads with Turkey Holocaust Day, and to be perfectly honest, it’s about time. A little tryptophan poisoning might be the perfect prescription for these trying times.

Child rape deserves ultimate punishment

November 22, 2011 Child rape is an unforgivable offense and should be severely punished. It should be a capital crime.Unfortunately and unwisely, the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 struck down a Louisiana law that provided for the death penalty in cases of child rape. Part of the court’s rationale was that only a few states had such laws at the time, and they saw no national consensus even though there were several proposed laws in additional states and the movement was growing.

If people came with warning labels

November 22, 2011 Wouldn’t it be great if people announced their dysfunctions and hidden agendas at the start of a relationship rather than you having to discover it later?Think about how much time you would save. You’d know right from the get-go whether or not you wanted to hire, date or vote for someone.The FDA requires food labeling to alert us to potential hidden dangers packed inside seemingly harmless treats. I think we should do the same thing for people. They should come with warning labels clearly identifying what’s really inside their box. Here’s my warning label wish list:

Chatterbox: Talk is cheap

November 21, 2011 Talk is cheap, and that’s one explanation for why a new type of innocuous, chatty, talk programming is spreading quickly on mainstream television.The more significant reason, however, is that the format is an extension of what is happening in new digital media — a process that could be called thought dependence, or chatter box syndrome.

‘Head chef’ loves Thanksgiving

November 21, 2011 It’s hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving already. Although I have yet to have a house or family (kids) of my own, I have enjoyed playing “head chef” at Thanksgiving for three years at the Stroud house and when the time comes for me to have that house of my own, husband and kids (maybe) I think I’ll be ready for such a big occasion after years of practice. I love to cook, which is evident by my fascination with cookbooks that rarely get the use they deserve since I look up more recipes on the Internet than in book form.