I watch Super Bowl for commercials

February 7, 2012 OK, I’ll admit to being a fan of Madonna’s.Back in the ’80s and early ’90s. You know, when she was still relevant.

State Capitol Week in Review

February 7, 2012 When the governor presented his requests for supplemental appropriations, the Legislature got a clear picture of its agenda for the fiscal session that begins on Feb. 13.As mandated by the constitution, the fiscal session will focus almost entirely on budget issues. A few legislators have said they hope to introduce a couple of non-budget bills, but under the constitution it will require strong support from a solid majority of lawmakers for the measures to be filed.

Silent film speaks loudly

February 6, 2012 Some might wonder why a person would pay good money to see a black and white movie with no sound. It isn’t the 1910s, ’20s or ’30s and the movies don’t cost a nickel or dime to see anymore, so why pay $9 a person to watch something where people don’t talk and there is no color, no action, no effects (insert “Gasp!” here).All that may be true, but “The Artist” which premiered in theaters in late 2011 is gaining buzz for what I like to call simplicity.

Appalled at statement targeting neighborhood

February 6, 2012 Dear editor:I am appalled that a resident of Batesville would publicly make such a horrendous statement as Jamie Blakely made on the evening of Jan. 30 at the First Community Bank during a meeting to discuss homeless. Her statement, “Westside is the cancer of Batesville” is not only offensive but absolutely untruthful.

Likes indoor pool, but not community center

February 6, 2012 Dear editor:I believe that the parks and recreation group has come up with a great plan for the youth in our area, but the idea, like all politicians and special interest groups inputs, just got carried away with it.Soccer, baseball fields and indoor swimming pool are what Batesville and the surrounding county really needs, but not a community center.

Journalists are natural fit as debate moderators

February 3, 2012 Should journalists and news organizations participate in, even sponsor, political debates?Let’s start with why we have such debates: They are an opportunity for us to hear directly from candidates, to see how they explain, attack and defend positions and proposals.The value holds true whether it’s a local gymnasium chat-fest between city hall challengers or candidates with multimillion dollar White House campaigns on the line in front of a national TV audience.

Garbage for the soul

February 3, 2012 I am very fortunate to live close to work and that allows me to go home for lunch every day. It’s a great break that allows me to sit in peace and quiet with full control of the remote and the ability to watch whatever I want with no whining.I came across the Jerry Springer show the other day, which I haven’t seen in a very long time. Yep, it was still as awful as ever. Two women fighting over a loser of a guy, and the crowd cheering them on.

News that isn’t

February 2, 2012 I call it “junk news.” Like the junk mail we are all familiar with finding in our mailbox (both home and email), I’m finding tons of it on my TV and computer.I don’t know exactly when it started, but I noticed recently that I was seeing more and more of the junk news and less and less of real news on the national news networks and home pages of web browsers like Yahoo.The stuff I’m talking about used to be delegated to Hollywood gossip and sports shows, but now they dominate just about every audio/visual media out there.

Myths about Sequoyah

February 2, 2012 The reason why the Cherokee named Sequoyah was heavily persecuted by his own people for his work on establishing a Cherokee writing system always puzzled me — until now.Sequoyah lived from about 1770 to 1843.