Cut and run

January 19, 2012 Who would have guessed we’d have a national conversation about urinating on corpses? And worse yet to have people with a media megaphone attempting to defend it. The video of four marines desecrating the remains of a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan surfaced on YouTube last week.The first thing worth noting is this treatment of war dead is absolutely against the Geneva Convention. The second thing is we threw out the Geneva Convention when we invaded Afghanistan.Which leads me to the following conclusion: It’s time to end this war. It’s time to leave.

Editing my life

January 18, 2012 This year, I am editing my life.Not so much in a big way, but in small steps that I hope will get me closer to my goal.I started in December by purchasing four decorative boxes, one for each child, and as I find items they might want someday, in they go.That includes the big hair photos, shots with old flames, high school memories and whatever else Mom can’t part with, such as books written and illustrated by Amanda and some of her grade-school friends, as well as little notes that had been left over the years.

Why deficits, national debt matter

January 18, 2012 Should we worry about large U.S. budget deficits and the growing national debt or not? I’m a worrier, but I get criticism asking, “What’s the problem?” Interest rates remain at record lows; the U.S. government can borrow at almost no cost. In this environment, why shouldn’t the U.S. try to stimulate our too-slow recovering economy by borrowing and spending more? Why shouldn’t the U.S. pursue a social and economic justice agenda, assisting Americans with the greatest needs without worrying about the costs, which can be deferred by additional borrowing?

Fracking exec: 90% of people are ‘nuts’

January 18, 2012 Wall Street and CEO culture in America is out of touch, arrogant, condescending, and those are probably their good qualities. Recent examples run the gamut, from snooty finance employees sipping champagne while mocking Wall Street protesters to a sign posted in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange proudly stating “we are the 1 percent.” It’s clear that our titans of industry are in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

Propaganda heats up conflict

January 17, 2012 One hundred fifty years ago, Arkansawyers were buckling down for a potential invasion of the state from Missouri. As with any war, among the chief concerns is the potential for treasonous activity in civilians aiding the enemy. The War Between the States west of the Mississippi River was no exception.

Who says you don’t need math?

January 17, 2012 In our university math department, when it comes to choosing classes to teach, we do it on a rotation system. Starting with the person at the top of the list, everyone chooses one class. Then we start over at the top of the list again, with each person choosing their second one. We continue this process until everyone has their full teaching assignment. Then the person at the top of the list rotates to the bottom for the next semester.

No more holidays needed

January 17, 2012 Ronald Reagan Day or John F. Kennedy Day?Really? More holidays?I think the government, banks and post office has enough paid holidays as it is, but maybe that’s just me.

Southern fried vultures

January 17, 2012 Surely you’re longing to hear some scathingly humorous remarks concerning the New Hampshire primary. And it would be our honor to relate a few pithily amusing jibes about 2012’s primary Primary. Only, sorry. Not going to happen. Can’t be done. N.H. is so... over and done with. Day before yesterday. Such archaic news, you probably read about it in some ancient medium like a broadsheet gazette with sepia-toned daguerreotypes.

Columnist searching for Ian

January 16, 2012 My young cousin, Ian Burnet, age 22 is missing. On Dec. 26 he left Virginia by bus to New York City where he planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve. He sent his dad, Mark Burnet, a text saying he had gotten there just fine.

Letting go nicely

January 16, 2012 Some might think I’m a pushover. I just call it knowing when to pick your battles. Some think I shouldn’t give back something that was given to me by a person who said she was just doing her job. And, maybe they’re right since items are routinely given away by this entity without voting approval. I just think the person who is wanting said items back is lucky that it’s me. Anyone else might have given them away to someone else, sold them if could be, or lost them by now.