Congress and the signing of Constitution

January 26, 2012 There’s a major political event approaching this fall, and though I have no doubt it will be overshadowed by the elections, I hope you’ll carve out some time for it anyway. On Sept. 17, we’ll observe the 225th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution.It’s the document that set everything in motion, of course, creating the carefully balanced, three-branch representative government that we’ve come to take for granted. But 225 years is a long time, and it’s instructive to reflect on what’s happened since that piece of parchment was signed.

Trying to go somewhere, I ended up nowhere

January 25, 2012 It was one of those weeks where, if I accomplished anything that delicious slice of information has completely eluded the tiny gray cells floating in my cranium. It is not as if those little gray cells had anything else to do.

Short stories

January 25, 2012 I had heard about the man long before I met him.After years of hearing tales about the infamous Leland Short I was determined to meet this interesting character.Like all things wished for, the day came and I could add my own Short stories to the others.But when the minister opened the service Monday morning for those of us who wanted to tell stories about him, I knew those would not be forthcoming. Glancing around at the familiar faces at the grave site those news items would be kept for later, mostly out of respect for the minister.

If a person wasn’t allowed to learn

January 25, 2012 All 100 seats in the classroom were full that first day of the semester. The class was called Intermediate Algebra, and everyone was required to take it or test out.I structured my class so that I lectured for half the hour in a side room for those who wanted a lecture, and then I joined my team of tutors for the other half to help individual students.

Best use of tax dollars?

January 24, 2012 Dear editor:People are struggling to buy groceries and pay for basic needs such as transportation and utilities. A new tax is not something most people are able to pay for during these poor economic times. Questions I would like answered before voting on the proposed tax increase:1. How is the Hydroelectric plant working for us? Is it everything it was promised to be? Or is it costing money that we can’t afford?

Concerns about plant’s impact

January 24, 2012 After learning about the proposed sand processing plant to be located north of Batesville near the North Complex and the Spring Valley subdivision, local residents, as well as cattle farmers in the vicinity of the proposed construction site are concerned about the environmental impact on our community. We have done a limited amount of research and it appears that the proposed plant will be processing silica. Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen. Airborne crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, which in severe cases can be disabling or even fatal.

State Capitol Week in Review

January 24, 2012 In preparation for the fiscal session of the Legislature that begins on Feb. 13, the governor presented a balanced budget for state government for next year.It would not provide cost-of-living increases for state employee salaries It would increase funding of public schools from kindergarten through grade 12, in order to comply with constitutional mandates that the state provide an adequate education to all children. The governor’s budget also would increase funding of Medicaid, a government health care program for people with disabilities, the elderly and the poor.

Getting tired of getting hacked

January 24, 2012 I never dreamed that just a couple months after my checking account was hacked, Gary’s would be, too. Yes, we have separate accounts, at separate banks. I have no idea why we use separate banks, but the separate checking works for us, even though some might think it’s weird.

All right, already, I’ll do it

January 24, 2012 There’s an old saying that says you have the life you want. I would like to add my own twist to that and say, so quit your bellyaching. If you really, truly hated where you are in life you’d do something about it. You’d stop complaining to everyone who’s still foolish enough to listen and do something different.