Senate denies raise

June 27, 2006 The Senate rejected a Democratic plan to raise the minimum wage on Wednesday. The vote was 52-46 in favor of the amendment, but 60 votes were required to end debate on the measure.

A true redneck

June 27, 2006 As I write my column for this week on Monday, I’m feeling pretty ... well, I guess you might say, “well done.”

Family Adventure

June 27, 2006 My family and I were invited to take in some of the new sites that are enticing visitors to Branson, Mo.


June 23, 2006 On recent events Editor, Just a few comments about recently reported events.

Remembering Mr. G

June 20, 2006 He very well might have been the greatest teacher I had at Cord-Charlotte, and considering how many good ones I had, that is saying a lot.