COMPUTERS Modern technology

July 13, 2004 911 sees personnel, equipment changesComputers are either getting smarter, or we are getting dumber. That's all there is to it. They're going to make things too easy for us.

Marriage and marijuana

July 13, 2004 LITTLE ROCK - In November, Arkansans will vote on three ballot issues referred by the legislature and perhaps on two other referendums submitted by the people.

Old and dirty

July 12, 2004 When my co-workers and I read comments about the Best Western Benchmark Hotel in downtown Memphis, we should have taken them a bit more serious as one said, "Spend the extra money to go elsewhere."

Romance, concert and Big Schwag

July 12, 2004 I honestly think romance is overrated, and could be damaging to a relationship, if the woman has a skewed view of it.

Things in common

July 9, 2004 I've been reading Wendell Berry's most recent collection of short stories this week, and what a pleasure it's been. A thought-provoking pleasure. Let me explain.

Lots of cold words

July 8, 2004 A quest to determine if Eskimos really have a kazillion different words for snow turned, at least partly, into a "what is snow" question.

Weight and wrinkles

July 7, 2004 Getting old is depressing. Of course the alternative is worse, but getting old in general is the pits.

Illegal health care

July 6, 2004 "News of Medicaid coverage for pregnant immigrants gets out slowly." That was the headline of an Associated Press article that came over the wire a few days ago.