Daily blessings

November 22, 2004 Last week Sheila Foley called to tell me about her annual Thanksgiving play at West Elementary. The night of the play, my daughter called: Brittany: Hi Mom, what are you doing?

Another runestone found

November 18, 2004 Last week's column pointed out several reasons the famous Kensington Runestone could not be a hoax.

No butts about it

November 18, 2004 If anyone had told me when I was 18 that years later I would quit smoking by laying on a table and allowing a huntin' and fishin' lovin' country boy stick needles all over my body, I'd've thought t


November 18, 2004 Support Pioneers Dear editor: For the second year in a row, the Batesville versus Pulaski Robinson football game is channel 11's game of the week.

ENRICHMENT Of pipes and president

November 17, 2004 When history is made nationwide Thursday at the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, it will also be made in Batesville.

Separation of church, traffic

November 17, 2004 We were driving back from somewhere having one of our nightly, post-election gripe sessions - still a little chapped by the fact that, apparently, there are three million more people aggin us in th

Funny words at work

November 16, 2004 I ate in such a fluckadrift the other day, my pudding-leather was crobbacking.