Grandparent transformation

January 20, 2004 I have come to the conclusion that becoming a grandparent changes people - it's either that or sometime after their grandchildren arrive, these once-normal adults are invaded by the body-snatchers.

Not so sweet week

January 16, 2004 It's been more than a week since I joined the gym. I feared that I would write my column this week without the use of anything but the tips of my fingers.

Marriages in Jeopardy

January 14, 2004 Category: Marriages Answer: Stick butter, black pepper and a red sink. Editor's Note: Not even Lyon College professors know this.

Remembering Brad

January 13, 2004 The death of a former 4-H'er, fellow Arkansas State University grad and old friend just shocked me.

Frustrating choices

January 9, 2004 Last Sunday's Parade article on the American curse of "too many choices" was interesting.