Inspector needed

February 22, 2006 Dear editor: If history is any indication, it is highly unlikely that the average citizen can get the locals nor the state to investigate something that they know to be in violation of the law.

Downtowns are important

February 17, 2006 Once the epicenter of commerce and social activity in a community, downtowns have served as an important anchor in urban development throughout America’s history.

Questioning love

February 17, 2006 <hr width="100%" size="2" /><hr width="100%" size="2" />Regular readers know I occasionally run a student essay in this space.

A sweet idea

February 14, 2006 Maybe you add a spoonful to your coffee or tea, or sprinkle it on your cereal. Maybe you don&rsquo;t consider a bit here and a dab there to be much, but it sure adds up.

Why we’re losing schools

February 9, 2006 Sen. Paul Miller didn&rsquo;t hesitate when I asked this question: Is term limits responsible for us losing our small, rural schools?

No easy way out

February 8, 2006 My mother&rsquo;s thin, frantic voice came quickly through the receiver &mdash; &ldquo;Dad&rsquo;s at Wal-Mart. He said to come get him; he said he was in bad shape.&rdquo;

The eyes of a child

February 8, 2006 In the two years since I had been back, the old homestead had fallen into further shambles. Window panes were now broken and a piece of plywood was solidly nailed where the front door once was.

King remembered

February 8, 2006 Last week, thousands of mourners waited for hours in freezing rain at Atlanta&rsquo;s Ebenezer Baptist Church and the state capitol rotunda to pay their respects to the &ldquo;first lady of the civil