Smarter than Gates?

December 4, 2003 The Arkansas Legislature will meet Monday to try to compromise on the school consolidation - excuse me, I mean education - issue. Gov.

Changing outlooks

December 3, 2003 Sitting in the kitchen of the Catharine Robertson Barnett Group Home, I watched the eight developmentally disabled adults who live there walk in, from their day at work at the White River Specializ

Missing the Muppets

December 2, 2003 I miss the Muppets. Oh, they're still around, of course. Like the characters from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," the Muppets will last long after their creator has died.

A self-educated man

December 1, 2003 I only knew Wilson Powell 25 years, a drop in the bucket of his almost 89 years (lacking 26 days).

Always be thankful

November 28, 2003 It's strange but true, isn't it, that sometimes we need to thank God for the very people and events we find hardest to take.


November 28, 2003 Dear Editor: Andrea Bruner deserves congratulations for her brilliant satire in which she used chocolate to inflict intellectual torment on the community's self-appointed moralists.

Thankful for Rugrats

November 26, 2003 It seemed like we just stuffed ourselves from the last Thanksgiving, returned those don't fit Christmas gifts and made our New Year's resolutions.