Two jumps, one day

August 9, 2004 There were four things I dreamed of as a little girl. At nine years old, I set these goals for my life: * be famous * go sky diving * meet Queen Elizabeth (I don't know ... I was a kid)

SUGGESTIONS My point of view

August 6, 2004 I know when a column hits on a topic of real interest in Batesville if I get a lot of comments on it.

WHAT TO DO In an emergency

August 5, 2004 On a recent busy Saturday night the Independence County 911 dispatch center received an emergency call from a cell phone from someone in another county, requesting the dispatcher call the White Ri

City mouse vs. country

August 3, 2004 Honking horns, whizzing cabs and Manola Blanik stilettos were replaced by the fluttering of birds' wings, freshly-picked berries and the rare sound of serenity.

Carnival time again

August 3, 2004 The White River Water Carnival is upon us, and here it is a week and three days since the county fair closed. Having the fair, then carnival seems strange, but so far it's working pretty well.