Just winding down

December 16, 2003 You need to move your car. That is a VERY common phrase uttered in this office. Believe it or not, the Batesville Daily Guard parking lot is on a main thoroughfare, of sorts.

Air-conditioned now

December 11, 2003 Those hot, sticky days when just being outdoors is almost unbearable suddenly seem a long way off.

Add another gospel

December 10, 2003 And it came to pass Monday, that there went out a decree from the Batesville City Council, that all in the city should be taxed.

Better every day

December 9, 2003 It may be that telephones are going the way of Gutenberg's printing press, phonographic records, swords and Cyrus McCormick's reaper.

Smarter than Gates?

December 4, 2003 The Arkansas Legislature will meet Monday to try to compromise on the school consolidation - excuse me, I mean education - issue. Gov.