Northern lights route

January 13, 2005 A Greek geographer/astronomer from Massalia apparently sailed to Iceland and beyond, possibly even reaching what is now the North American coast, on a voyage of exploration around 325 B.C.


January 11, 2005 Dec. 31st my wife and I were traveling in the Mountain View area. We were driving a 1976 Winnebago. We were driving from the Ozark National Forest to Mtn.View via highway 87.

Respect for military

January 10, 2005 Two little girls clad in matching German-style dresses clung to their mother as they ate breakfast.

Newspaper ink in blood

January 10, 2005 I'm back! And two dear friends of mine and fellow writers from northeast Arkansas told me, "You're hooked - it's (newspaper business) in your blood. You're a newspaper chick."

Remembering Mack Vickery

January 6, 2005 My first conversation with Mack Vickery took place on a Cave City Watermelon Festival day in 2003, just hours before my son, Rockin' Luke LeWolfe Stroud, and his band, The 50s Beat, took the stage