Those who leave a mark

August 23, 2004 There are times in life when we run across someone who has a major impact on our thinking.

Winners and losers

August 20, 2004 The materialists among us just don't get it - don't get the mindset and values of the great majority of middle Americans who are religious rather than materialistic, who look for salvation in the B


August 19, 2004 Group deserves credit Dear editor: I am very disappointed in your coverage of the White River Water Festival Parade on Aug. 7, 2004.

The games we play

August 17, 2004 A few weekends ago, I renewed an old love interest I thought had died long ago. I thought I would never see him again, having ended our relationship shortly after I got married.

Breaking the cycle

August 17, 2004 Elementary school bookworms are nerds, women with fair manes are dumb blondes and all Iraqis are terrorists.


August 16, 2004 Midnight's bustling - ducking into a 24-hour café to consume pecan pie and crawfish ettoufee. Henry Butler pounds the piano with an energetic tune