March 18, 2004 Money for nothing Dear Editor: What is bocksheesh? It is the fine art of extracting money for nothing more than a few words. How does it work?

Life across the river

March 17, 2004 Not too long ago someone suggested I was probably a handful as a child.

Rascal Flatts rocks the house

March 16, 2004 Friday night, thousands of Rascal Flatts fans "melted" in Jonesboro. The trio came to Arkansas State University, and man, did they put on a show!

No more rooms at the inn

March 16, 2004 The commercials for a specific hotel chain leave guests with the impression they'll be smarter and able to perform amazing feats for just staying in one of its rooms. I can honestly agree!

On the roller coaster

March 11, 2004 Columnists are often admonished not to write about the same subject over and over, and my intent this week was to try to move on to a lighthearted column.