Armed with knowledge

January 19, 2005 This world sometimes "frightens and confuses me," as the late Phil Hartman used to say in Frankenstein skits on Saturday Night Live. And maybe it does you, too.

Old acquaintances

January 19, 2005 It felt really strange taking one of those trips down memory lane.

Orange – not Blue Heeler

January 19, 2005 It was my 8th birthday, and I voiced specific requests for the cat I wanted: gray tiger-striped, kitten, female, loves to be held. Well, at least I got a cat matching the last requirement.

Farther from the truth

January 19, 2005 "The typical Internet user receives an average of 17,000 email messages per year.

The wedding planner

January 17, 2005 Not only am I planning my own wedding, I'm involved in the planning of my daughter's wedding too, which is exactly a month before mine.

End to toleration

January 14, 2005 The problem with people, young or old, trashing our city parks isn't a new one. I've observed it for nearly 20 years, and I get just as angry today as I did the first time I saw it.

Northern lights route

January 13, 2005 A Greek geographer/astronomer from Massalia apparently sailed to Iceland and beyond, possibly even reaching what is now the North American coast, on a voyage of exploration around 325 B.C.