Three three M’s

January 7, 2004 My ex-husband once mentioned that I should drop a few pounds - notice the prefix ex? However, when I look back, I believe he may have been right, (but please don't tell him).

In the Nick of time

January 7, 2004 Since it is apparent our legislators cannot or will not find a solution for our school funding crisis, it is time to take drastic measures, swallow our pride, seek professional help and solicit adv

Neighborhood not so bright

January 6, 2004 It's hard to imagine them once they're gone, but in 2003, we had to do more than imagine. We said goodbye to many who helped define American culture.

Names found to be Norse

January 1, 2004 Quite by chance, many years ago, Reider T. Sherwin heard a certain New England place name before he saw it in print.

Remote controlled lives

December 31, 2003 While everyone else is reminiscing about leaving this year behind and wondering what the next one has in store, I'm currently in a dilemma with the remote control.

My beloved Jack

December 31, 2003 As a child, fast food was a luxury to me. My nine-year-old taste buds experienced it for the first time in the back seat of my sister's brown Ford Pinto.


December 30, 2003 Dear Editor: I am researching for a documentary on the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 30s, during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.