Some students are ready

September 9, 2004 When my son Luke wanted to graduate a year early, as stipulated by a then-new state law, Cave City School was good to work with.


September 8, 2004 Get back on track Dear editor: This is in response to John T. Dahlquist's letter published 30 August 2004 concerning a column by Andrea Bruner headlined "ACLU vs. Christianity".

It’s all in the genes

September 8, 2004 I can feel that time of year calling when I need to escape from the daily grind, familiar faces and same old routine.

Watching and waiting

September 7, 2004 You know I don't hold water with fortune telling, astrology and crystal balls. Normally, I'd say I don't believe in signs, but sometimes, I can't help but see them.

Hurricane parties

September 7, 2004 Florida is typically thought of as a tropical paradise with a glittering ocean, freshly-picked citrus and swaying palm trees. But this weekend, the palm trees swayed like never before.

Driving out the bad

September 3, 2004 Bad money drives out good. It's an old economic principle.