Beware, be aware

April 18, 2006 The recent bear attack in Tennessee has captured my attention as much as it has the rest of the nation’s.

What do you own

April 13, 2006 How much do you own? It may surprise you to realize that you do not own any property or money — in fact, you own only one thing. God owns everything else.

Another boondoggle

April 10, 2006 Want another boondoggle? Take your pick. We, here in Independence County have a selection to choose from.

You be the judge

April 10, 2006 Dear editor: Local Police Brutality ... Harassment, How Would You Call It?

Smoking ban drama

April 10, 2006 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Education was the main reason that lawmakers returned to Little Rock last week, but a statewide smoking ban provided the most drama.

Guilty by association

April 7, 2006 When I was a child growing up my mom was always preaching the “known by the company you keep” and “guilty by association” sermons.