July 27, 2006 Dear editor: Add another concerned citizen to the list of those who think our local drivers need to slow down.

The challenge

July 26, 2006 In this business I have done some really cool stuff. I have had the chance to tell the stories of the spectacular and the mundane.

Just surviving

July 25, 2006 Probably by now, people in St. Louis are wishing they were any place else, at least those who are still without electricity.

Lyin’ my way to the truth

July 24, 2006 When I was a reporter for the Northwest Arkansas Times in Fayetteville, I met a self-proclaimed “hillbilly cowboy” named David Lynn Jones.

Changes in society

July 21, 2006 The new movie “Superman Returns” really brings home two big changes in American society in recent years — one for the better, one for the worse.