Cut out the crap

January 30, 2004 The federal government, responding to the mad cow scare, has prohibited the use of byproduct animal tissue, blood and chicken litter in cattle feed, as well as prohibiting the use of "downer" cattl

Cast of characters

January 28, 2004 I'm all for giving legislators an F since they were unable to complete their homework assignment on time, or at all.

Week four – mentally unstable

January 28, 2004 As important an emphasis I've been putting on my physical health lately, my mental health seems to be in the forefront this week.

Shipping clerk blues

January 27, 2004 Did Howard Dean scare off the help? Was Iowa his Waterloo? His Chappaquiddick, his Monkey Business, his stained blue dress?

No room at the top

January 27, 2004 It's great to be at the top. Know why? Because not everyone makes it up there.


January 26, 2004 Nail on the head Dear Editor: I believe Rick Baber's recent article on the influx of foreign workers into the U.S. was on the mark.


January 23, 2004 Happy with outcome Dear Citizens of Batesville, I would like to say that I am very happy that your fair town will soon be having an another fine restaurant to dine at...Josie's.