Back to unreality

July 1, 2004 One of the most popular songwriters of the 1970s and thereabouts was Mason Williams.

Home to mamma

June 30, 2004 Whatever prompted the call from the hysterical child could only mean one thing - bad news. Within minutes the oldest daughter explained the reason for the outburst.

Don’t shoot the messenger

June 29, 2004 Independence County - and others just like it all across the country - have wasted countless tax dollars building, staffing and maintaining a jail.

Yellow daisy mystery

June 25, 2004 Not much makes a girl feel better than when someone sends her flowers. However, when I got some this week, I went into full investigative reporter mode - I mean I went Scooby Doo on this case!

Not doing so poorly

June 24, 2004 Writing this column is going to be tough because I just ate a buffet lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I don't want anything else to eat for at least a month, or supper time, whichever comes first.

What about Bob?

June 23, 2004 Not too long ago we learned about how area school students were using Flat Stanley, a paper doll, to learn more about travel, culture and other important things we want our children to digest befor