Paying for raising

February 9, 2005 I'm going to live forever. It's pretty much official because I made a pact with God sometime in the early '80s and so far he's stuck with the deal.

Say hello to Big Brother

February 8, 2005 We keep hearing Big Brother is always watching us. To that I say, "Good. Someone needs to."

Management tool

February 3, 2005 Jill Easton's "Out There" column in last Friday's edition of this newspaper hit the nail on the head. Easton wrote about several of the good things associated with hunting.

Babies killing babies

February 2, 2005 One of the issues before our state lawmakers is dealing with parental consent when it involves minors and abortions - sometimes refered to as babies killing babies.

Meth and home buying

February 1, 2005 Do the dope dealers in this town make it harder for real estate agents to sell homes or lots?

Remembering the Alamo

February 1, 2005 One day, when there is a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, I'll never forget how devastating it once was. But for my uncle, forgetting isn't within his control.