October 6, 2004 Get the facts straight This letter is in reference to the editorial by Rick Baber on September 29th and submitted for the purpose of correcting his erroneous information.

Note to pen, not pal

October 6, 2004 One of my latest pen pals, a pervert who has spent the vast majority of his life in abodes across the United States that are surrounded by razor wire, thought he'd just drop me a line and let me kn

Family celebrations

October 5, 2004 My granddad was 54 years old when I was born, so to me, he has been an old man as long as I've known him. Of course the older I get, the younger his age seems. Funny how that works.

Pampered pooches

October 5, 2004 I should have had some idea of what a weekend spent dog sitting would hold for me when the owner of an older Springer Spaniel in my neighborhood introduced herself on the phone as "Lucy's mom."

Ripples of love

September 30, 2004 What precious gifts God has given to me.