Rights of Americans

September 20, 2006 One of my favorite parts about being a journalist is my ability to exercise free speech. No wait, that’s my favorite part about being an American.

Letter to the editor

September 18, 2006 Recently the opponent of Secretary of State Charlie Daniels alleged that Secretary Daniels was AWOL when it came to protecting the right of our men and women in uniform to vote in the 2004 elections.

Making music

September 15, 2006 There is nothing like the excitement in the eyes of a 13-year-old when they find out they are going to their first rock concert.

News of Other Days

September 14, 2006 You just never know what you’re going to learn by reading News of Other Days in the Batesville Daily Guard.

Letter to the editor

September 11, 2006 Short letters are nice, but quoting only one verse may leave us far too short.  Does Ms Lena Lloyd of Smithville  mean for us to follow EVERY verse or just those that match things she has al