Been there done that

September 27, 2006 I’ve done a lot of things for men. I have worked for men and worked out for men. I have cooked for men, cleaned for men, dressed for men, and undressed for men.

Available to public

September 26, 2006 I was dismayed to hear Saturday about the Melba Theatre’s corner falling in.

Only in America

September 26, 2006 Recently I’ve noticed that some large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

Poor white children

September 22, 2006 One thing is for sure, no matter who the voters pick for the next governor of Arkansas both Asa Hutchinson and Mike Beebe have one thing in common; they both grew up “a poor white child.”

Visitor to the frontier

September 21, 2006 When Friedrich Gerstacker traveled in Arkansas in 1838-1843, the territory was wild and woolly and those who did not know how to survive in the wilds needed someone to teach them.