A penny’s worth of proof

April 15, 2004 Thanks to Mary Randall of Houston who wrote that she enjoys my columns about early explorations in America.

Write hot, print cold

April 14, 2004 Write hot - print cold. That's a rule of thumb everyone who works at a newspaper should know.

Wall of memories

April 12, 2004 Hanging around the courthouse, I run into bits and pieces of information that turn out to be newsworthy. Yes, I do hang around there for a reason.

Write on those photos

April 8, 2004 Please, please, go now to your family's old photos and look on their backs. Are the people in them identified?


April 7, 2004 Dear Editor: We in the United States have to be the biggest suckers around. Gas prices are on the rise again for whatever excuse wants to be passed on to us. Suckers abound

Crash course in flying

April 7, 2004 For years I thought I was afraid of flying. However, I've learned that it wasn't a fear of flying but a fear of not being in control.

Hot ideas taken

April 7, 2004 I'm miffed. Every time I get a really good idea someone capitalizes on it.