Creative block

October 18, 2004 I have been struggling with what to write for this week's column. I feel a bit of creative constipation happening in my head!


October 18, 2004 Building bridges Dear editor: A tale of two cities: To annex or incorporate, that is the question?

Solid as a rock

October 15, 2004 When the issue of a road closed began causing such a stir in Independence County, it peaked my curiosity. The land in question concerns 400-plus acres owned by Carl Cooper along White River.

Just shoot straight

October 13, 2004 The longer I'm in the newspaper business the more aggravated I get with officials who don't shoot straight with the public. Who do they think pay their salaries, anyway?

Jury didn’t buy it

October 12, 2004 A story came over the Associated Press state wire last week about a man in Van Buren who claimed that using methamphetamine helped his pain from an injury in the military.

Guten tag!

October 12, 2004 Changing colleges is stressful enough, but attend one in a country halfway around the world where schnitzel with noodles (Maria's favorite on The Sound of Music) is a classic meal and "Guten tag!"