You pick the ending

April 30, 2004 Here's a story for this year's graduates. It's about another graduate from a few years back. She gave me some advice to pass on.

Lost mines spark immagination

April 29, 2004 A preview copy of the Hallmark Channel's upcoming version of "King Solomon's Mines" piqued my interest to the point that I viewed the entire four-hour TV movie yesterday - the same day I received i

1956, 1982 connections

April 28, 2004 All week long that Randy Travis song repeatedly flashed through my mind and I keep hearing, "Operator, please connect me to 1982."

Movies and rainy days

April 27, 2004 Didja get any rain? That question is right up there with: Hot enough for ya?

What not to wear

April 22, 2004 Lose the shirt, nix the hat and trash those high-waisted straight-legged pants. These days it's not a question of what to wear but what not to.

Help stem wetlands loss

April 22, 2004 As the nation celebrates Earth Day today, officials from Ducks Unlimited report that the United States continues to lose more than 100,000 acres of its most productive wetland wildlife habitats eve