Indians who spoke Welsh

March 24, 2005 In the 1660s, a Welsh sailor who washed ashore on North America's East Coast was able to carry on a conversation with American Indians who spoke a form of Welsh and also told of an ancestral homela

Creativity 101

March 23, 2005 Several years ago parents decided to get creative with naming their children, opting for something more unique than Billy Bob or Betty Lou.

It’s a no win situation

March 23, 2005 It is a no-winner, yet everyone seems eager to toss a dog into this hunt. Even the president of the United States has left his ranch to run after the rabbit in the hole.

‘The retail giant’

March 22, 2005 Wal-Mart really is smarter than us little people. There's no beating this store, excuse me, retail giant.

‘No hablo espanol’

March 21, 2005 It seems the more I learn about the Spanish language, the more I realize how little I know.