Hand up, not down

August 11, 2004 In today's issue a story about the Department of Human Service helping people with a temporary program, otherwise known as Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) proves that people need temporary

Not really funny

August 10, 2004 A fat Statue of Liberty and a giant cheeseburger crashing into twin skyscrapers are two cartoons from a recent Subway marketing campaign in Germany.

Maymie, the literacy dog

August 10, 2004 Maymie isn't even seven years old yet, and already she's landed a part-time job. Even more impressive, she has four paws, a furry muzzle and a tail that never stops wagging.

Two jumps, one day

August 9, 2004 There were four things I dreamed of as a little girl. At nine years old, I set these goals for my life: * be famous * go sky diving * meet Queen Elizabeth (I don't know ... I was a kid)

SUGGESTIONS My point of view

August 6, 2004 I know when a column hits on a topic of real interest in Batesville if I get a lot of comments on it.

WHAT TO DO In an emergency

August 5, 2004 On a recent busy Saturday night the Independence County 911 dispatch center received an emergency call from a cell phone from someone in another county, requesting the dispatcher call the White Ri