ENRICHMENT Of pipes and president

November 17, 2004 When history is made nationwide Thursday at the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, it will also be made in Batesville.

Funny words at work

November 16, 2004 I ate in such a fluckadrift the other day, my pudding-leather was crobbacking.

Home of the brave

November 12, 2004 Americana at its best. There's nothing to compare with seeing the arrival of soldiers' returning home.

Will meow for food

November 11, 2004 It's been nearly half a year now since my two calico cats learned the true meaning of going cold turkey - and wanting it in the literal sense.


November 10, 2004 Independence County has gotten itself in a high stakes card game whether or not it's for legalized gambling.

Evidence for authenticity

November 10, 2004 When farmer Olof Ohman found the Kensington Runestone in 1898 while clearing a wooded hill on his farm about two miles from Kensington, Minn., critics immediately started calling the stone a fake.

Daddy’s girl

November 9, 2004 Daddy died last week, on Election Day, of what the coroner termed sudden death - but not before he cast his vote.