Being a stickler

April 12, 2005 Believe it or not, I once actually took a spelling test containing the word "its" - and I was well past kindergarten.


April 12, 2005 Against regulations I am writing this to express my opposition to some of the hunting regulations proposed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Educating about the past

April 7, 2005 A friend who grew up during the Great Depression of the 1930s was talking recently about how hard it was to make a living then.

‘No man is an island’

April 5, 2005 It was as if a Hollywood movie star were coming to a town that rarely saw such a famous figure.


April 5, 2005 Fighting terrorism Dear editor: This letter is in response to A.J. Vernon aka Old M/Sarge's letter regarding "The retail giant" by Andrea Bruner published on March 22.

Dogpatch for sale

April 5, 2005 About a month ago, I was watching one of the Little Rock TV news broadcasts, and there came a piece on the former Dogpatch park.