Signs of the seasons

December 7, 2004 Growing up, winter was a routine blissful overdose of gifts for me, with my birthday preceding Christmas by exactly two weeks. So many presents, so little time!

Gone but not forgotten

December 6, 2004 It only took a few minutes talking with his family for me realize that Ethan Moody was truly a "family man." Ethan, 70, lost a long-fought battle with cancer last Tuesday morning.

From west to east

December 6, 2004 When I decided to move, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that I'm in the midst of it all, I wonder "What was I thinking?!!?"

A man worth knowing

December 2, 2004 Earth has lost another amiable soul to the Great Beyond. Charles Cheatham died Thanksgiving Day at his home in Newburg. He was 83.

If lost, you need this book

December 1, 2004 Stories of lost hunters or youths are frequent news across this great nation of ours, and some of those lost people are never found.

Tofurkey Day

November 30, 2004 This Thanksgiving, I counted my blessings while inhaling the delightful aroma of tofu turkey.

Same time next year

November 30, 2004 I'll admit I was one of those crazy people getting up an unspeakable hour just to go shopping Friday morning. I do it each year.