Weird news stories

May 18, 2005 With everyone focused on the latest national news media scandal it seems only appropriate we take a close look at the lighter side of some really interesting characters who made the news.


May 17, 2005 Transportation woes I am new to Batesville, I was however born and reared in this great state of Arkansas, down in Mississippi County, at Dyess.

More problems

May 16, 2005 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - An improbable merger intended to keep grade schools operating in three remote communities could collapse under the financial strain, possibly shuttering classrooms across a wide

When government prays

May 16, 2005 It's a ritual as old as the Republic, but nowadays public prayer may be less about religious faith and more about politics and discrimination.


May 13, 2005 Clearing things up Dear editor: In regards to Mr. Richardson's remark on the front page of the Guard (5-11-05) that my letter contained inaccuracies, I would like to clear things up.

A little too radical

May 12, 2005 What do you s'pose it is about the state of Florida that makes it so attractive to child molesters?

Court date set

May 12, 2005 LITTLE ROCK - The Arkansas Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for May 19, to gather opinions on whether the legislature has complied with its Constitutional duty to provide an equitable and

Aisle be back

May 11, 2005 Because I tend to be rather forward could be why no one requests that I write articles on wedding bells, blues or the perfect place to spend a honeymoon.