Unforgettable experience

December 14, 2004 And I thought singing "Dancing Queen" karaoke-style during an interview was bold.

Ship full of memories

December 13, 2004 There she was, majestically perched in the murky water. I had never seen anything so big; I was in awe.


December 13, 2004 Small-town memory Soon Van-Atkins store will become a memory. I don't live in the area now, but when I visit the family in Rosie I stop by and shop at the store occasionally.

Prevent fires with common sense

December 9, 2004 It's not even cold weather yet (although it's time for it to be), and already the heart-breaking stories are coming in.

From a different angle

December 8, 2004 I'm always telling my staff to go the extra mile and think outside the box by finding a different angle or twist whenever they're doing a story.

Signs of the seasons

December 7, 2004 Growing up, winter was a routine blissful overdose of gifts for me, with my birthday preceding Christmas by exactly two weeks. So many presents, so little time!