May 14, 2004 Response to opinion Re: "Easy as ABC" Editorial Appearing Wednesday, May 12, 2004 Angelia:

Nothing like a good novel

May 14, 2004 The summer reading season is upon us again. I'm looking forward to evenings at home without papers to grade or classes to prepare.

Those were the days

May 13, 2004 Of all the changes in the newspaper business since I went to work for the Batesville Daily Guard in December of 1980, the most startling - and most helpful - may have been digital cameras.

Lost and found

May 12, 2004 I hear people say things happen for a reason, and sometimes when I ponder over a sequence of events which led to a certain occurrence, I can see where things may just, in fact, happen for a reason.

Drink to it, or not

May 12, 2004 With all the hoopla over whether or not alcohol should or not be served in a dry county, I must say I'm totally amazed how the license application for our new golf course has been, well, ignored.

Life in the slow lane

May 11, 2004 Reading "A Painted House" really hit home for me. My family lived and breathed "A Painted House." On some level, it's their story; John Grisham just put it into words.

Watching what you eat

May 6, 2004 Soso Whaley was just fed up with hearing that eating at fast-food restaurants is what makes people fat, so she fed herself breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald's restaurants for 30 days.

When death hits home

May 5, 2004 Sept. 11, the Oklahoma bombing and the Columbine school shootings all taught us that pain, happiness and shock are universal.

Handing over the glory

May 4, 2004 You know you live in a small town when every time you go to the grocery store, you see anywhere between one and 83 people you know. But we love our small town, and our small town grocery store.