Lots of cold words

July 8, 2004 A quest to determine if Eskimos really have a kazillion different words for snow turned, at least partly, into a "what is snow" question.

Weight and wrinkles

July 7, 2004 Getting old is depressing. Of course the alternative is worse, but getting old in general is the pits.

Illegal health care

July 6, 2004 "News of Medicaid coverage for pregnant immigrants gets out slowly." That was the headline of an Associated Press article that came over the wire a few days ago.

Going cold turkey

July 5, 2004 If only there were kitty diet pills, feline weight loss patches or cellulite-removing creme for cats.

Liberals and conservatives

July 2, 2004 In reading C.S. Lewis last week, I came across a point he made 60 years ago that explains one of the big liberal/conservative divides in this postmodern culture of ours.

Dealing with addictions

July 2, 2004 He exploded into the room, wild-eyed, clutching his Styrofoam cup. Shaking, he watched me empty the last drop of coffee into my yellow coffee mug.