Newspaper ink in blood

January 10, 2005 I'm back! And two dear friends of mine and fellow writers from northeast Arkansas told me, "You're hooked - it's (newspaper business) in your blood. You're a newspaper chick."

Remembering Mack Vickery

January 6, 2005 My first conversation with Mack Vickery took place on a Cave City Watermelon Festival day in 2003, just hours before my son, Rockin' Luke LeWolfe Stroud, and his band, The 50s Beat, took the stage

The end of an era

January 5, 2005 Last week while spending some time with Lloyd and Joe, otherwise known as the Martz brothers, we rehashed a lot of old memories.

A little good luck

January 4, 2005 Did you eat your black-eyed peas and hog jowl on New Year's Day?

Relaxation: priceless

January 3, 2005 Some people party hard well past midnight in strappy stilettos, while others chow down on calorie-ridden midnight breakfasts.

Getting good feedback

January 3, 2005 As a journalist, I love getting feedback on my stories ... especially good feedback. It makes me believe I'm doing something good with my life.

Pray for Jerusalem

December 31, 2004 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." Psalm 122:6