Split decision

November 30, 2005 With the upcoming special election just around the corner voters will be asked to decide on two issues involving a bond issue to generate more revenue for college and universities as well as approv

Traditional activities

November 29, 2005 Christmas is nearing fast, and that will definitely pick up speed now that Thanksgiving is behind us.


November 29, 2005 Dear Editor, There will be two bond proposals on the December 13 ballot in a statewide election: the highway bond program and the college building bond program.

One weird woman

November 28, 2005 People are weird, ever notice that? I was in line a local fast food place the other day, one of the cleaner ones I might add, and I found myself next to a really weird woman.

Amenable perceptions

November 25, 2005 One of my history professors used to love to say, "It's not what actually happened that's important, so much as what people think happened," or something to that effect.

Food for the soul

November 23, 2005 I had my heart set on food for my stomach more than I did food for my soul, but I misjudged my timing.

Holiday planning

November 22, 2005 For a week now I've been wondering what to write about in this column.

A life worth remembering

November 22, 2005 I can't remember the date and I never will. All I remember is that it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.