Frustration at low wages

January 10, 2007 Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in regard to the 01/05/07 “Letter To The Editor” from Missy Sanders.

Nuisance at home

January 9, 2007 I have a mole. No, I’m not talking about a growth on my face but rather a small animal living in the ground on my property.

Letter to the editor

January 5, 2007 Not worth the money Dear editor: I am writing this letter in regard to the story in the paper concerning insurance for city council members.

Music in northeast Arkansas

January 4, 2007 It’s ironic that Grand Ole Opry singer Del Reeves’ death was announced the day after I spent quite a bit of time listening to a cassette tape interview with Chuck Comer, who once booked Re

L is for loser

January 3, 2007 The challenge has been issued, a pact has been made, money has been pledged, bodies have been weighed and the fight has officially begun for the title of “The Biggest Loser.”