Bad marketing plans

June 3, 2004 The last Oldsmobile rolled off the assembly line April 29 in Lansing, Mich., ending a 107-year history for the brand.

Holiday memories

June 2, 2004 Since we don't get many three-day weekends (hey, we're not the government or the bank) at the Guard, I decided to take advantage of the most recent one, Memorial Day weekend, to visit my mom and st

Can I have this dance?

June 2, 2004 Nobody loves to two-step more than I do, except for maybe Batesville Mayor Joe Biard and the city council when it comes to addressing the Chadwick Street paving issue.

Changes needed

May 28, 2004 The election results in our local races deserve a little consideration.

The perfect man

May 27, 2004 I normally don't go on trips with strange guys. By strange, I mean guys I don't know - not strange guys, whom I'm in the company of on a regular basis. ...

Fools don’t accept God’s word

May 27, 2004 Anyone who reads as much as I do finds, especially in letters to editors of various newspapers, a lot of skepticism toward the existence of God.

Click it or ticket

May 26, 2004 I've been so proud of myself this week because I've remembered to buckle up, which means I've been legal.