Travel experience

January 6, 2006 On our trip to London the week before Christmas, Diane and I had experiences that both confirmed and refuted some of the stereotypes about the city.

OTC drugs can kill

January 5, 2006 A recent Associated Press article about acetaminophen and liver damage was a real eye-opener, so I went to the Food and Drug Administration Web site to look around even though I have confidence in

All bark, no bite

January 4, 2006 I learned early on that his bark was always worse than his bite and underneath that hard shell was a heart of gold. Not everyone is aware of that.

Strange and unusual

January 3, 2006 I watch some strange and unusual things on TV. I really like Discovery Health. I like watching doctors operate on a 200-pound tumor or remove a pole from someone's chest.

Thinking outside the pan

December 30, 2005 Forgive me if the details are lost in the haze. Age and excess seem to have a way of erasing first those bytes that hold recollection of things we'd most like to remember.

More on good vs. evil

December 29, 2005 The response to last week's column about the universal war between good and evil was almost overwhelming, and so far, no one has sent a negative comment.

Just live a little

December 28, 2005 I was pregnant, stupid and married (not necessarily in that order), and it was still politically correct to pray in 1976 when my friends conned me into doing something adventurous by crawling on a

Past connections

December 27, 2005 It's always interesting for me to go back and read back issues of the Guard.

Between good & evil

December 22, 2005 The recent news on TV and in print about the "war on Christmas" is interesting, especially in view of the fact that Lucifer (that's Satan, for those who do not know) has conducted an all-out war ag