Edit (out) adverbs

January 17, 2006 “I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” I agree with Stephen King, to whom the above quote is attributed, at least where my writing is concerned.

Political squabbles

January 16, 2006 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — When the state GOP criticized U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor for contributions he received from former associates of Jack Abramoff, a spokesman brushed it off as a political ploy.

Blowing the whistle

January 13, 2006 When it comes to free-speech protections for federal employees, the Constitution sometimes isn’t quite enough.

Black, white and baseball

January 12, 2006 Lyon College’s diversity convocation at 7:30 p.m. in Nucor Auditorium features Byron Motley.

State of the City

January 11, 2006 We enter a new year, and as it is with the president, Congress, the Legislature and even at the local government level, there will be good times and bad times ... perhaps a real crisis or two.

The joy of taxes

January 10, 2006 I was very unhappy last week when I received an IRS pamphlet in the mail informing me Telefile would no longer be an option to file taxes.

Must-see TV religion

January 9, 2006 With the holiday season admittedly a slow news week or two, a big story hitting the newspapers, airwaves and the Internet is the controversy surrounding NBC TV’s upcoming drama series titled, &l