Daddy’s girl

November 9, 2004 Daddy died last week, on Election Day, of what the coroner termed sudden death - but not before he cast his vote.

Don’t worry – be happy

November 8, 2004 When I sat down to write this week's column, I was all frustrated because someone had left a shopping cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot which had found its way to the right front fender of my car.


November 5, 2004 Win, lose or draw Dear editor: The election is over, win, lose or draw, and we all have to get up and go on.


November 4, 2004 System failed them Dear Editor: RE: (November 2, 2004 issue)

North Dakota’s Vérendrye Stone

November 3, 2004 When Siéur de la Vérendrye, a French-Canadian, explored the area near present-day Bismarck, N.D., in 1738, he found a large stone, like a pillar, and in it a smaller stone was fixed w

Win, lose or draw

November 3, 2004 Win, lose or draw the eyes of the world are literally upon us when it comes to the outcome of our presidential election.

Must have collectibles

November 2, 2004 eBay has done wondrous things, uniting buyers and sellers all over the world, but it also has hurt many small businesses and individual collectible dealers, sending prices and values down, down, do

The spice of life

November 1, 2004 About two weeks ago, I found myself gulping down a hamburger and french fries and slurping a Dr Pepper, preparing myself for a Saliva concert at the University of Arkansas Community College at Bate