Creatures great and small

August 30, 2004 Over the course of his nine years, my family's mutt, Eddie, has developed an impressive knowledge of the English language.

Writing, a lost art

August 30, 2004 In today's world, we seem to have a need for quick convenience. Things are so quick and convenient we have lost much of the human contact that goes into every day life.

Learning can be fun

August 26, 2004 Now that school's back in session, maybe some journalism teachers in our area high schools - hopefully in EVERY area high school - will heed my plea to have their students go out and gather knowled

Still the best policy

August 25, 2004 Before enduring another semester test, high-schoolers enter a classroom and find that their desks have been strategically relocated.

Sexual predators

August 25, 2004 All too often headlines dealing with sex offenders are becoming a repeat performance - especially child molesters.

ACLU vs. Christianity

August 24, 2004 We should change the United States flag. By having only 50 stars, "Old Glory" discriminates against U.S. territories.

Those who leave a mark

August 23, 2004 There are times in life when we run across someone who has a major impact on our thinking.

Winners and losers

August 20, 2004 The materialists among us just don't get it - don't get the mindset and values of the great majority of middle Americans who are religious rather than materialistic, who look for salvation in the B