Haps, Hazards

February 28, 2007 I’ve always considered this job to have an abundance of perks.

Our kitty le pue

February 27, 2007 My darling little kitty cat has a new nickname: Skunky. Chloe got skunked a week ago, and it’s not been fun — for her or us.

Booker T. Washington

February 22, 2007 Not many people today have the opportunity to name themselves, but right after the Civil War, lots of people who had no last names were able to choose whatever name they wanted.

Red hot over pink

February 21, 2007 When it comes to the idea of hot pink license plates for repeat convicted DWI offenders I’m against it.

Biblically speaking

February 20, 2007 I came across an interesting Web site the other day, one of those that had been forwarded to about a million other people, but for some reason I really liked this one.

Uncle James Stroud

February 15, 2007 James Stroud taught me a lot as I was growing up, with me helping him occasionally on his farm. He worked for many years for International Shoe Co.

Love and stuff

February 14, 2007 Everybody loves somebody sometime ....

Ups, downs of life

February 14, 2007 Being the wife of a police officer is never easy. But neither is being a police officer.