Creativity 101

March 23, 2005 Several years ago parents decided to get creative with naming their children, opting for something more unique than Billy Bob or Betty Lou.

It’s a no win situation

March 23, 2005 It is a no-winner, yet everyone seems eager to toss a dog into this hunt. Even the president of the United States has left his ranch to run after the rabbit in the hole.

‘The retail giant’

March 22, 2005 Wal-Mart really is smarter than us little people. There's no beating this store, excuse me, retail giant.

‘No hablo espanol’

March 21, 2005 It seems the more I learn about the Spanish language, the more I realize how little I know.

Matter of life and death

March 17, 2005 Tuesday night, I drove up and down a street in Cave City after dark, looking for a particular address.

Living in the promised land

March 16, 2005 The obituary of 96-year-old Verlin Jones made me recall a group of crazy young people who were in search of hell or the promised land, whichever came first.

End of the last lesson

March 15, 2005 Every time I saw Fitzhugh Spragins, he told me how much he enjoyed my writing, that he read each article I wrote. But he wasn't able to read the last story I wrote.