Beary good idea

February 13, 2007 Make your own teddy bear. What a simple concept, one that must be raking in the dough. It’s one I wish I thought of.

Being pig-headed

February 9, 2007 If there’s one thing I have learned while participating in this “biggest loser” weight loss contest, it’s that going on a diet makes everything look good, smell good and sound

Riding for the brand

February 8, 2007 In the Old West, a cowboy’s “riding for the brand” pertained to loyalty to the ranch that employed him. Or her, if there were any hired cowgirls back then.

Something for everyone

February 6, 2007 I am very interested in seeing Batesville come into its own as the “second oldest city in Arkansas”.

Misleading the public

February 6, 2007 I had another “urban legend” e-mailed to me the other day, and as usual it seemed to designed only to push people’s emotional buttons and at the same time misinform the public.