America before Columbus

April 21, 2005 Those who came left tracks. And, sooner or later, those in academics who claim the Vikings were the only Europeans to visit America before Columbus must bow under the weight of the evidence.

Up-close and personal

April 20, 2005 I had heard his name mentioned a few times around the Independence County Sheriff's Office, but it was several weeks before we met for the first time. It was an up-close and personal meeting.

Food for thought

April 20, 2005 All my life it seems the four-letter F word has been a daily battle. When my children were small, mid-size and even as adults the F word was their favorite topic of conversation.

Anxiety Caused by Testing

April 19, 2005 Students will each soon be instructed to arrive at school with a couple of sharpened Number Two pencils and a full stomach.

‘What if’ could happen

April 19, 2005 It was 15 years ago this year that schools all around northeast Arkansas closed down based on a prediction there would be an earthquake on Dec. 3, 1990.

Weird happenings, Dogpatch

April 14, 2005 Sometimes a columnist just needs to cover several subjects in a single column rather than stick with one subject. So today I will subject readers to several subjects.


April 12, 2005 Against regulations I am writing this to express my opposition to some of the hunting regulations proposed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.