Hearing voices …

August 13, 2007 I think anyone who reads my columns knows by now that I have a really hard time listening to that little voice in my head.


August 13, 2007 Dear editor: This will probably be long-winded, because there is much in yours truly’s chest area that must be relieved.


August 13, 2007 Dear Editor, Both Houses of Congress recently passed drug safety legislation, but our lawmakers broke for the summer without sending a final bill to the President.

Bumblebee stories told

August 9, 2007 A rural electric cooperative has a publication called Front Porch that always includes someone’s front porch memories.

Hair of the dog

August 8, 2007 It’s time for round two, otherwise known as the hair of the dog, event. Just who is dreading this the most; me, the dog, or the groomers would be hard to say.

Must love dogs, cat

August 7, 2007 I have apparently spoiled my cat to the point that she is absolutely the crankiest cat in the world.

Travel tips to go

August 6, 2007 I’ve always heard people say that the best part of a vacation is coming home, and even my own husband (the traitor) wholeheartedly agrees with that philosophy. Are all of you nuts?

Circles of stone, wood

August 2, 2007 Stonehenge gets all the attention, probably because no one except Wally Wallington of Michigan has figured out how its builders moved and raised its heavy stone columns and lintels.