A river runs through it

September 24, 2004 Right now a river is not the only thing that divides Southside and Batesville. And, whether or not Southside will become a town known as South Ridge is still something to be decided.

Tiny surgeons do job

September 22, 2004 If you had a wound that would not heal, would you want the best surgeons available for the job? How about if the best surgeons were maggots?

The great double standard

September 21, 2004 An injured child is rushed into a hospital, and a hysterical woman isn't far behind. She enters the building and wails, "That's my child!

Scared witless!

September 21, 2004 My husband and I made it back from vacation - and the remnants of Hurricane Ivan - without any major problems.

Building memories

September 20, 2004 The lake water had receded from the shoreline, and the sand crunched beneath our bare feet.