Tower of Babel

June 1, 2005 There have been days I wanted to move to Arizona. Not because it's "a dry heat" or the desert nightlife is a real draw, but because they seem to recognize out there that Americans speak English.

Millions being spent

May 26, 2005 It flew under most folks' radar. But about six months ago my friend Drew Ponder told me "something big" was about to happen in the area. That's why all the new banks are moving in, he said.

Measuring success

May 26, 2005 I read something recently that really perturbed me, which granted, isn't that hard to do, but this was definitely justified perturbedness.

Just passing through

May 25, 2005 Beginning now, I plan on spending my lunch hours cruising through fast food drive-ins and ordering nothing. Why? Just because.

Mascot tradition

May 24, 2005 Friday night, my husband and I were at my mother-in-law's house, and I picked up that day's Jonesboro Sun. The first page of the sports section made me roll my eyes. Not again, I thought.