Life on a farm

June 28, 2007 My colleague Camille Hughes’ column earlier this week really took me back to my experiences growing up on a farm; never mind that all we raised were a few chickens and cows, timber that grew all

You are what you eat

June 25, 2007 I can remember hot summers as a child, walking barefoot along the rows in my mother’s garden, shaded by tall cornstalks.

Follow your Dream

June 22, 2007 Lots of young men and women are leaving home this summer. High school graduates are joining the service, starting to work, and going away to college.

Ol’ Eli

June 21, 2007 It’s hard to bring a tear to the eye of a hardened old rock quarry guy. But the obit in the Batesville Guard did it to me.

Ancient Mariners

June 21, 2007 The Marked Rock in Rawlings-Stinson Park in Manchester, Ky., contains numerous inscriptions that, according to a sign erected beside the big stone, offer messages in at least eight Old World alphabets

More than a hound

June 15, 2007 To say he wasn’t nothing but a hound dog would be an outright disservice to Flash.