Coming home to roost

April 5, 2007 Legendary Texas singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver looks in his music videos like he’s had a lot of hard living. On the other hand, he seems genial and likeable. Maybe both are true.

Looking for Rachels

April 4, 2007 Every year about this time I start getting requests and recommendations for a summer intern.

Entertainment not costly

April 4, 2007 The best things in life really are free. Friday night we were watching the sun set — also doing neighborhood crime watch — when up from the bayou came two wood ducks — he and she.

Duo celebrations

April 3, 2007 Easter Sunday will mark two celebrations for our family. The first of course will be the obvious celebration that Christ is risen, but it’s also my niece Abby’s fifth birthday.

Camping anyone?

April 2, 2007 Who out there likes to go camping? I don’t mean putting your lazy butt in a furnished cabin, I mean real honest-to-goodness camping, involving damp tents, bugs and sleeping on the ground.