October 22, 2004 Observe the law Dear editor: I am responding to a letter that was recently published in your newspaper concerning bus safety.

Shedding some light

October 21, 2004 Far too long Independence County has been in the dark when it comes to the hydroelectric project.

Pictograph reported in 1673

October 20, 2004 When Louis Joliet and Father Marquette made their famous trip down the Mississippi River in 1673, they saw flying dragons.

Rain, rain, go away

October 19, 2004 I had expected an enjoyable day picking pumpkins out in the crisp fall air.

Fairness in advertising

October 19, 2004 I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but I grow very tired of seeing maxi pad and tampon commercials that purport monthly cycles to be bliss.

Creative block

October 18, 2004 I have been struggling with what to write for this week's column. I feel a bit of creative constipation happening in my head!


October 18, 2004 Building bridges Dear editor: A tale of two cities: To annex or incorporate, that is the question?