IQ not in question

February 22, 2005 There are a lot of stupid people in this world. It's true. There's a lot of them just in this county! We are surrounded by them everyday and probably don't realize it until we pick up the paper.

Surprise packages

February 22, 2005 My mother died before she could tell me that life was like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.


February 22, 2005 Stolen flower problem Dear editor: My wife passed away on Jan. 7, and someone has been stealing expensive flowers from her grave. I have other friends that say they have had flowers stolen also.

The Ramayana

February 21, 2005 As I heard a distinctive ring, I realized that none of my classmates carried cell phones from class to class when I was in middle school.

Farewell my friends

February 21, 2005 When I began writing this column seven years ago, the goal was to portray a feeling of sitting over a cup of coffee with a friend telling stories or visiting about things to which everyday people c

Billy Don Burns CD

February 17, 2005 It's about 54 miles from Batesville to Billy Don Burns' house near Ben, in Stone County, but you can look out of Burns' living room windows down White River at night and see the lights of Batesvill

What I didn’t know

February 15, 2005 I'll bet I'm one of only a very few women to get a tool for Valentine's Day and be absolutely thrilled with it.