Cherished memories

June 6, 2006 I’ve been lucky to live in the same state — about an hour and a half driving distance — to all of my grandparents, and although three have passed on I will always cherish every momen


June 6, 2006 As I rolled out of bed this morning, my Garfield Word of the Day calendar informed me today is the sixth day of the sixth month of the 21st Century (6-6-06).

Babe — Calling the shots

June 1, 2006 Maybe it was because Babe Ruth’s home run total of 714 was being seriously challenged by modern player Barry Bonds — anyway, for whatever reason, I found myself in front of the book, &l

Who do you love?

May 31, 2006 Dear editor: Do you love your parents? The Senate just passed a bill that will allow an estimated 12.5 million illegal aliens citizenship.