Biblically speaking

February 20, 2007 I came across an interesting Web site the other day, one of those that had been forwarded to about a million other people, but for some reason I really liked this one.

Uncle James Stroud

February 15, 2007 James Stroud taught me a lot as I was growing up, with me helping him occasionally on his farm. He worked for many years for International Shoe Co.

Love and stuff

February 14, 2007 Everybody loves somebody sometime ....

Ups, downs of life

February 14, 2007 Being the wife of a police officer is never easy. But neither is being a police officer.

Beary good idea

February 13, 2007 Make your own teddy bear. What a simple concept, one that must be raking in the dough. It’s one I wish I thought of.

Being pig-headed

February 9, 2007 If there’s one thing I have learned while participating in this “biggest loser” weight loss contest, it’s that going on a diet makes everything look good, smell good and sound

Riding for the brand

February 8, 2007 In the Old West, a cowboy’s “riding for the brand” pertained to loyalty to the ranch that employed him. Or her, if there were any hired cowgirls back then.