Money Pit mystery

December 21, 2006 Oak Island and the apparent wealth buried in what has been dubbed The Money Pit has captured my imagination since I first ran across the story in one of Long John Latham’s treasure magazines in

The Christmas present

December 15, 2006 My dog Skip asked me the other day what he’s getting for Christmas. Well, I don’t know, I admitted.

Justice of the peace disputes reporting

December 15, 2006 Dear Editor, Normally I just read the quorum court column in the paper and move on, but on this occasion I feel it is a mistake to say nothing.

Lifting heavy objects

December 14, 2006 How did the builders of the Great Pyramid at Giza and those of Stonehenge move and raise stones that weigh many, many tons? Apparently, much easier than previously thought.

Christmas lights

December 12, 2006 There’s one good thing about the sun going down earlier, and it’s that people can turn on their Christmas lights earlier.

Calves and sales

December 12, 2006 When the word “sale” comes to mind, most women have images in their heads of shopping malls and discount bins, and I am no different.